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Gaelic media driving growth in our communities

13 October 2021

MG ALBA has today welcomed an important economic and social impact study which has demonstrated the important role of Gaelic media, not just as the deliverer of quality content to audiences, but as an economic driver with the potential to offer real growth in our communities.

The study, carried out by Ekos and supported by HIE, outlines the financial returns of MG ALBA and its supply sector, who serve the BBC ALBA platforms as well as the key brands FilmG, LearnGaelic, & SpeakGaelic. The current economic impact data is very clear, with the sector responsible for 340 jobs, £10.4 million of salaries with a GVA of £17.2 million. This all leads to a return on investment of £1.34 for every £1 spent.

The report also demonstrates the potential impact of a significant investment package, on a similar basis had the original investment in Gaelic media been linked to inflation. This highlights the prospect of a rise in jobs and economic growth opportunities which could be harnessed by the fast-paced media sector.

Welcoming the study MG ALBA Chief Executive Donald Campbell said: “This report outlines the important role Gaelic media has in delivering economic growth, especially jobs, to our communities. If we are to address the issues which are facing Gaelic and the communities we serve, then we must look to investing to deliver the opportunities which can be transformational.

Gaelic media is a part of the sustainable future of our communities, a key tenet in areas such as education, the creative industries, talent development and community engagement. We will shortly publish our vision for the future of Gaelic media, which will address Gaelic media’s potential role as a catalyst for economic growth and community engagement in Gaelic through media.”

The study received support from Highlands and Islands Enterprise. Joanna Peteranna, Interim Area Manager at HIE’s Innse Gall area team, said: “MG ALBA helps to support local creative businesses through the programmes it commissions while creating and supporting many jobs in the islands. It provides opportunities to enjoy Gaelic media content, benefiting Gaelic speakers and learners in all parts of Scotland and across the world.

We are pleased to support this study, which provides a high-level overview of how MG ALBA supports economic and community development in the region and beyond.”

Read the full report here.