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Job vacancies and opportunities

Below you will find information about active opportunities to join the MG ALBA team.

We will also post information about training and development opportunities on this page.

To apply, or to obtain further information, please contact

Follow our social media for updates on any new work opportunities.

Want to work in Gaelic media?

There are many different kinds of jobs and opportunities in Gaelic media including jobs requiring production skills, technical skills but a wide-range of other careers related to corporate, business and office-based jobs.

If you have an interest in media, there are different routes available to you:

  • go the academic route and get a specific media qualification
  • go the academic route but get a more general qualification
  • go down the work route and get into the industry via other avenues, eg, work experience, apprenticeship or short-term work

If you choose to get a more general qualification that isn’t directly linked to the media, you will still have a strong chance of getting a job so long as you have very good Gaelic skills.

Training Scheme 2024

MG ALBA in partnership with Screen Scotland and the BFI are offering the following to successful candidates: Up to six […]