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7 March 2024

  1. MG ALBA invites you to quote for the provision of the above services.
  2. Services are expected to commence from 18 March 2024
  3. Your quote must be submitted via email to
  4. Quotes must arrive no later than 1pm on 13.03.2024. Quotes submitted after this may not be considered.
  5. MG ALBA is not bound to accept any quote received.
  6. Enquiries should be sent to


You are invited to visit for more information about the company.

MG ALBA employs over 40 staff. Its main business is the commissioning of audiovisual media content from media production companies and the operation of the Gaelic audiovisual service BBC ALBA in collaboration with the BBC.

Services sought

MG ALBA requires a Training Manager who will provide management of a Training Scheme during 2024 as detailed below.

The Training Scheme will identify, recruit and support trainees from the Highlands & Islands but not currently in full time education, to get work-based placements with TV and film production companies working in the Highlands & islands and beyond with a priority focus on drama. The Training Scheme shall offer on location placements to 6 trainees across a variety of grades for a period of 6 months from 8 April 2024. Applications will be encouraged from Gaelic-speaking Trainees.

The Training Manager shall be required to manage;

  • The selection of candidates, in conjunction with MG ALBA, from an advert campaign with candidates to be taken to shortleet, interview and appointment as Trainees;
  • Diversity and Inclusion best practice being built into the recruitment process;
  • The management of the Trainees in terms of assisting with logistics to get on location, health & safety briefing and general well-being for each placement;
  • The organisation of the Trainees 6-month roster of training placements to match the overarching aims of the Training Scheme including but not limited to a contract (template provided by MG ALBA) with each of the production companies accommodating the Trainees;
  • The delivery of weekly hourly timesheets for each Trainee deliverable to MG ALBA finance dept to enable Trainee salary & expense payments;
  • The delivery of a report on each of the Trainees after each placement within the Training Scheme period, such report to include feedback from the relevant Head of Dept or Production Company Producer;
  • The delivery of a one-off BECTU “Hit the Ground Running” Training course during the 6-month training period;
  • A report on completion of the Training Scheme detailing progress made by each Trainee, an assessment of their next steps in the industry including any outstanding training needs; and
  • A cost report for the scheme showing costs to complete each month due from 15 May 2024 with a final report due on 15 October 2024. There may be a degree of flexibility required around the final report if the scheme is extended.

The Training Manager should have the following skills and experience;

  • A deep knowledge and understanding of the Scottish TV production sector and specifically drama productions and productions in the Gaelic language;
  • An ability to communicate clearly and at the appropriate level with Production Company representatives to enable the Training Scheme placements to be managed smoothly;
  • Gaelic language skills (preferable);
  • Experience of dealing with TV Production Trainees at all levels of experience;
  • Experience of safeguarding for younger or vulnerable Trainees;
  • Excellent administrative and budget skills; and
  • Excellent communication skills.


The contract will be for a period of 6 months beginning on 18 March 2024.

Contract Management

The main points of contact for this contract will be MG ALBA’s Director of Content.


MG ALBA has set aside up to £15,000 for the contract.

Enquiries and Submission

Proposals should be no more than 1 page, not including cost breakdown or credentials.

You may submit your proposal in the format that best suits you (e.g., Microsoft Word, PowerPoint etc).

You may be invited to meet with MG ALBA representatives to discuss your quote, following the closing date.

Please submit any enquires associated with this invitation  by email to