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Invitation to quote – Data Visualisation Music Composition

15 May 2024

14 May 2024

1. MG ALBA invites you to quote for the provision of the above services.
2. Services are expected to be completed by Tuesday 9 July 2024.
3. Your quote must be submitted via email to tender@mgalba.com
4. Quotes must arrive no later than 2pm on Monday 3 June 2024. Quotes submitted after this may not be considered.
5. MG ALBA is not bound to accept any quote received.
6. Enquiries should be sent to tender@mgalba.com


You are invited to visit www.mgalba.com for more information about the company.  

MG ALBA employs over 40 staff. Its main business is the commissioning of audiovisual media content from media production companies and the operation of the Gaelic audiovisual service BBC ALBA in collaboration with the BBC.

Services sought

MG ALBA are seeking a composer to create an original musical score to accompany videos of data visualisations. The music should enhance the viewer’s experience, complement the visuals, and convey the narrative and insights communicated through the data.

The requirements for this piece are:

1. Originality: The composition must be original and tailored to enhance the impact of our data visualisations, reflecting the tone and message of each video.

2. Style: The music should be contemporary and have a Scottish Gaelic theme, and be emotionally engaging, capable of capturing and sustaining the viewer’s attention throughout the video.

3.Delivery: The final music should be delivered in high-quality WAV audio format (48Khz 24-bit stereo minimum spec) for ease of integration with video editing software.

4. Length: The music should run for a minimum of three and half minutes. It should also be composed to loop seamlessly at various parts in the composition, allowing for flexible integration with videos of varying durations. Musical stems should be provided to enable the option for editors to build alternative mixes of the music.

5. Instrumentation: The composition should be instrumental, with instrumentation that complements the visuals and adds depth to the storytelling.

6. Emotional Tone: The music should evoke curiosity, and a sense of discovery, enhancing the viewer’s understanding and interpretation of the data.

7. Licensing: The composer must grant full rights and licensing for the use of the music in perpetuity, including for internal and external promotional purposes.

8. Revision: The composer should be open to feedback and willing to provide up to two rounds of revisions to ensure the final score aligns with the objectives of each data visualisation.


The contract will begin on Wednesday 5 June 2024 and the piece is expected to be delivered by Tuesday 9 July 2024.

Contract Management

The main point(s) of contact for this contract will be MG ALBA’s Video Editor.


MG ALBA has set aside up to £2,000 exc. VAT for the contract.

Enquiries and Submission

Proposals should include the following:

1. A portfolio showcasing previous work, demonstrating experience in composing music for visual media or similar projects.
2. A written proposal outlining the composer’s approach to the project, including how they plan to synchronise the music with the data visualisations to enhance the viewer’s experience.
3. A short sample composition (approximately 1 minute) that demonstrates the composer’s style and ability to create music suitable for data visualisation.
4. A detailed cost estimate for the composition, including any additional fees for revisions or licensing.You may submit your proposal in the format that best suits you (e.g., Microsoft Word, PowerPoint etc).

Submissions will be evaluated based on creativity, suitability to the brief, and the composer’s track record. You may be invited to meet with MG ALBA representatives to discuss your quote, following the closing date.

Please submit any enquires associated with this invitation by email totender@mgalba.com.