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Levelling up for Gaelic media

10 November 2021

Levelling up in both statute and finance and planning for a positive digital future for Gaelic, these are the key messages in MG ALBA’s ambitious vision for the future of Gaelic media.

Lèirsinn: A Route Map for Gaelic Media, which has been published today, outlines a future where Gaelic media is at the heart of Gaelic communities; generating growth in language capability; a key economic driver; and ensuring our young people have a digital domain which will be crucial to ensure the future of our language.

At the core of this progressive vision is a statement of intent that prioritises Gaelic media audiences. Containing wide-ranging targets which have young people as a focus, it is evident that Gaelic media in the digital world is an essential element in addressing the positioning of Gaelic in modern society.

Beyond the audience benefits, it is a bold vision for Gaelic media which demonstrates the significant opportunities which could be realised for our communities, language, and economy.
Leading this vision, MG ALBA celebrates the community, partnerships and industry delivery which are fundamental to Gaelic media but highlights the important areas which are preventing Gaelic media from delivering on what its potential promises.

MG ALBA Chair Allan MacDonald said: “Our new Lèirsinn is a wake-up call for all our stakeholders and partners to come together and provide the basis for the Gaelic public service media of the future.

“This vision outlines an opportunity that cannot be allowed to pass for our culture and our economy. There is a real risk that failing to establish Gaelic media in the digital world will have repercussions for our language and our communities.”

MG ALBA Chief Executive Donald Campell said: “Ofcom has been warning broadcasters that they need to speed up their transformation for the digital age. Amongst other things, Gaelic media urgently need to address the needs of younger audiences with news and media content that is simply not possible within current resources.

“This Lèirsinn is a Route Map for doing just that. It is an investment proposition that sets out how Gaelic media can connect with all audience segments and be a catalyst for growth in language, in our communities and our economies. It demonstrates what Gaelic media could deliver if it is given the right tools.”

Read Lèirsinn: A Route Map for Gaelic Media here.