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Celtic Media Festival 2016

17 February 2016


MG ALBA (The Gaelic Media Service) is offering current and aspiring Gaelic media industry professionals the opportunity to participate in the Celtic Media Festival 2016 which takes place in Dungarvan, Waterford from 20 – 22 April.

Five bursaries are to be made available to individuals between 18–30 years of age looking to pursue a career in Gaelic media or individuals and freelancers currently working with an independent production company that is involved in the making of Gaelic programmes for BBC ALBA.

The grants available will cover the registration fee for the festival, accommodation throughout the event plus cost of travel to the Celtic Media Festival.

Iseabail Mactaggart, MG ALBA Director of Development and Partnerships said “The Celtic Media Festival is a key networking and knowledge sharing event for media practitioners from the various Celtic nations and regions.

“We are keen to ensure that the next generation of Gaelic media professionals have the opportunity to attend this festival to learn from some of the most experienced media professionals in the Celtic countries and also from countries further afield such as Australia and New Zealand. MG ALBA is ambitious for the growth of its supply sector, and we hope that this festival will inspire future generations of Gaelic media professionals to adapt an international outlook from the outset.

“MG ALBA was recognised in 2015 as an Investor in Young People and we continue to build upon our objective of nurturing future generations through initiatives such as the Celtic Media Festival bursary, via the FilmG ( project and short film competition, as well as sponsored placements within the creative sector.”

Previous attendees include Vicky Kilgour who is currently employed by Bees Nees Media, making programmes for BBC ALBA and TG4, and who debuted on BBC ALBA as a presenter on the Tiree Music Festival last year. Vicky Kilgour said: “I was delighted that MG ALBA afforded me the opportunity to attend the Celtic Media Festival. Attending an event like that, and having the opportunity to make contact with and learn from professionals in other countries who work at various levels in the industry, was a great stepping stone for my career development. I was able to quiz them about how they got to where they are, and the sessions offered a Celtic wide perspective on issues to do with broadcasting in general, but particularly minority language broadcasting.”

The Celtic Media Festival, which was first staged in the Western Isles in 1980, is an annual three-day event and the 37th Festival in Dungarvan has seen a record-breaking 510 entries being submitted.

Anyone interested in the bursary support from MG ALBA should email for an application form which must be submitted by 5pm on Friday 4 March.