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#Vlogamhòid prize-winners

17 November 2017

Some of the winners of the #vlogamhòid competition met in Glasgow to collect their prizes from competition judge Hannah McKirdy.

The second iteration of MG ALBA’s #vlogamhòid competition took place this year – aimed at increasing user generated content in Gaelic. Entrants to the competition were to create short video blogs (vlogs) about the Mòd from anyone participating in any way, whether it be as a performer, TV viewer, radio listener, competition adjudicator or Mòd supporter. Each category winner received the prize of a GoPro camera.

Hannah McKirdy, one of the #vlogamhòid competition judges said: “I think that this year’s winners are a great example of how creative you can be in Gaelic using just your mobile phone. They successfully represented the Mòd in Lochaber, even if they didn’t make it there, and they made us laugh while doing so.”

In the adults’ competition for single vlogs, the winner was Ross Wilson from Glasgow. A member of the band Tide Lines, Ross created a comedic video in a famous Glasgow furniture store about how he was missing the Mòd this year. According to the judges, Ross’ ingenuity made him a worthy winner. In the adults competitions for a vlog series, the winner was Fiona MacKenzie from Canna. Not only did Fiona give a sense of how she prepared for the Mòd, how she travelled to the Mòd and how she competed; she also made though-provoking observations on issues arising at the Mòd.

Fiona was clear about the opportunity the GoPro prize creates for herself and Canna in general: “This GoPro camera will mean that I will be able to publish a weekly high quality vlog of ‘The Changing Face of Canna Through the Seasons. This will include Canna House and Gardens, the shoreline, the sky, lobster fishing above and below the waves, and also the establishment, with the cooperation of my dogs, of the CannaCollieCam vlog.”

In the children’s competition for a single vlog, the prize-winner was Andrew from Gairloch for his vlog following his week at the Mòd. With instrumental competitions, singing, recitation and conversation, Andrew had a very busy week which clearly came across in his vlog. The runner-up in this competition was Andrew’s brother Eoin.

In the children’s vlog series category, the winners were Katie and Breagha from Inverness for the second year running. That means they now have a GoPro each and the opportunity to make even more videos. They sent in a series of vlogs that effectively told the story of their Mòd in an energetic and fun manner.

Iseabail Mactaggart, MG ALBA’s Director of Strategy and Partnership, said: “Increasing Gaelic user generated content is a key aim for MG ALBA and #vlogamhòid is one way in which we’re seeking to encourage that. It is hugely encouraging to see the wit and confidence of this year’s winners and we look forward to seeing more of that, with or without competitions!”