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SpeakGaelic Website Tender

15 December 2020

SpeakGaelic is the unifying brand of a once-in-a-generation, highly ambitious language learning campaign. The vision is to transform the uptake and usage of Gaelic.

It is an innovative and co-ordinated project, which will combine community learning and media, and is intended to provide a clear, comprehensive, integrated structure for Gaelic language learning.

The user will have the option of experiencing SpeakGaelic in three key ways, all of which will be integrated, but also capable of being consumed discretely:

• taught through a SpeakGaelic course; and/or
• consumed in complementary BBC ALBA/BBC Radio nan Gàidheal media content;
• and/or self-guided through the SpeakGaelic website

The SpeakGaelic curriculum will be based on CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) learning outcomes, where each speaker is placed at one of six levels (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2).

SpeakGaelic will cover levels A1, A2, B1, B2. Provision for proficient users at levels C1 and C2 will be strengthened through existing channels.

This document sets out the commissioning specification for the SpeakGaelic website.

We seek to commission a new bilingual website comprising the following:

  • two types of optional user login (learner and tutor). User can navigate the site without registering.
    • The site should remember the user (learner and tutor). and allow them to pick up where they left off
  • a learners’ website
    • with four levels (each with 13 units: each unit will have its own test with about 10 learning outcomes and mini-tests)
    • which is media rich with video, audio snippets, images and interactive tests (tests feature a variety of question styles)
  • a method by which short-form content can be viewed passively
  • an associated app
  • a tutor’s area including a library of the course, tutor marketing materials.
  • a user-friendly CMS
  • the site should be responsive to all platforms and browsers and have a fast page load speed

Level one (A1) will go live across all platforms and mediums in September 2021 and each level (to B2) will follow in successive years.

Budget: £125,000 in total

Deliverables: as above.

Tender published                                             Friday 13/11/20
Deadline for submissions                                 Friday 27/11/20, 5pm
Deadline for MG ALBA decisions                       Friday 4/12/20
Wireframes and infrastructure Architecture     Friday 18/12/20
Design high fidelity mockup                             Friday 15/1/21
Front end build and CMS build delivered           Friday 28/2/21
User acceptance testing                                   Wednesday 31/3/21
Front end and CMS packaged and delivered       Friday 14/5/21
Content population complete                           Friday 30/7/21
Site soft launch                                               Friday 27/8/21
Site go live (subject to change)                       Saturday 11/9/21

Final submissions and any questions on anything contained in this Website Tender Process should be addressed to speakGaelic@mgalba.com

Other elements which will be created as part of project will be:
• course and tutor materials;
• TV, radio and digital media content
• a brand design concept and bible.

Assessment criteria
Value-for-money – 20%
Track record on delivering to project timescales – 20%
Experience of similar projects – 20%
Page load speed of previous projects – 20%
Has the brief been followed? – 20%

Download the full requirements here (pdf)