Atharraich gu Beurla

Pension Scheme Review

17 Dùbhlachd 2020

MG ALBA is seeking an independent review of its pension scheme and I am contacting you to enquire if you would be interested in tendering for the task of carrying out this review.

MG ALBA’s main offices are in Stornoway, Isle of Lewis and employs 43 permanent staff including 12 in Glasgow, 1 in Inverness and the remainder in Stornoway.

The following is background information on MG ALBA to assist in your consideration of the offer to tender.

1. Statutory remit

The remit of MG ALBA (the operating name of Seirbheis nam Meadhanan Gàidhlig or Gaelic Media Service) under the Communications Act 2003 is to ensure that high quality television programmes in Gaelic are made available to persons in Scotland. In partnership with the BBC, MG ALBA has established BBC ALBA, the Gaelic digital service.

MG ALBA is regulated by Ofcom and funded by the Scottish Government.

2. Nature of business

MG ALBA is committed to securing the distribution of BBC ALBA on all digital platforms and a sustainable future for Gaelic broadcasting. MG ALBA administers the LearnGaelic resource for learners of the language and the short film competition FilmG. MG ALBA also works with producers to promote development, training and the use of Gaelic as the working language of the Gaelic production sector.

3. Details of MG ALBA Finance

MG ALBA is funded by the Scottish Government. Publications and Annual Report & Accounts up to the year ended 31 March 2020 can be found on this website page

4. Pension Scheme

MG ALBA operates a defined contribution pension scheme with Royal London. This scheme has been in operation since 2015. Previously the scheme was with Standard Life. Included in the review will be a comparison of the pension scheme with others in the public sector in Scotland.

Should you wish to tender for the task and require additional information please contact me on 07740118761 or by return e-mail. Please submit your tender to tender@mgalba.com by 13 November. We expect to make an appointment by 20 November and it is expected that a final report be delivered by early February 2021.

The estimated budget for the task is £4,000 including expenses.