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Internal Audit – Health & Safety Management

17 Dùbhlachd 2020

MG ALBA is the organisation established to administer the Gaelic Broadcasting Fund. It also operates the Gaelic Television Channel BBC ALBA in partnership with the BBC. The channel is governed by a Collaboration Agreement between the BBC and MG ALBA and overseen by a Joint Management Board comprising of 2 executives from each of BBC Scotland and MG ALBA.

Read the MG ALBA Health & Safety Policy.

You are invited to tender for the internal audit of MG ALBA’s Health & Safety Management function. Staff are located at BBC premises in Glasgow and Inverness but MG ALBA’s main offices most of the staff are in Stornoway, Isle of Lewis and it is here that site work, subject to Scottish Government COVID-19 restrictions, for the audit will take place. This site includes offices, workshop, TV and radio studios and gallery and post production facilities. We also have several tenants occupying offices in Stornoway. The site work will, given current restrictions, consist of a site inspection and interviews with relevant personnel. It is anticipated that a briefing meeting takes place with the successful applicant by 30th November 2020 via Skype or Zoom with the audit fieldwork completed by 31 December 2020, a draft report submitted for management comment by 22 January 2021 and a final report to be presented to the Audit & Assurance Committee in mid-February 2021 (date to be finalized).

Internal Audit – Health & Safety Management

The general remit of the internal audit is to assess and report on the efficiency, effectiveness and reliability of the Health & Safety management system at MG ALBA, draw up plans for any necessary corrective action and ensure that the Health & Safety procedures and policies reflect current legislation.

Specifically, MG ALBA expects the following to be addressed in the audit report:

  • 1 An assessment on whether the current Health & Safety policy, processes and proce-dures are in alignment with the law
  • 2 Identify the levels of risks in the workplace
  • 3 Ensure that there are sufficient Health & Safety resources and that they are effectively used
  • 4 Identify any unsafe procedures and risks
  • 5 Assess the effectiveness of the performance review processes
  • 6 Assess whether current procedures combat the threat of COVID-19 within the organi-sation
  • 7 Identify training needs
  • 8 Identify strengths and weaknesses of current arrangements
  • 9 Recommend where and how improvements can be implemented

Tenders, which should be no more than 3 pages in length (excluding front page, contents page and CVs of staff), should include the following:

  • The fee costs should be provided on a fixed price basis (we do not expect the fees and ex-penses to exceed £10,000 ex vat);
  • CVs of the staff involved in the audit;
  • An explanation of the audit approach;
  • An indication of the level of expertise within the company in relation to the public sector and/or media sector in the UK;

Tenders will be assessed on the following criteria:

  • The level of fee (25%);
  • The quality and experience of the proposed audit team (25%);
  • The suitability of the audit approach (25%);
  • Value for money and, in particular, the added value that the internal audit service will bring to MG ALBA (25%).

The closing time and date for applications, sent to tender@mgalba.com, will be 5pm on 13th November 2020 with an appointment being made by 20th November 2020.

Should you wish to tender for this appointment and require further information or clarification of any of the above please contact neil.graham@mgalba.com