Atharraich gu Beurla

Cuireadh Gu Tagradh – Seirbheisean FilmG15 agus FilmG16

9 Cèitean 2022


Contract for the Delivery of Services FILMG15 and FILMG16 – 2 Year Award

9th May 2022

MG ALBA invites you to tender for the provision of the above services.

Your Tender must be submitted via email to tender@mgalba.com

Tenders must arrive no later than 2pm on 8th June 2022. Tenders submitted after this may not be considered.

MG ALBA is not bound to accept any Tender offer received.

Enquiries should be addressed to Alison Bruce at alison.bruce@mgalba.com

Please download the tender document here.