Welcome to MG ALBA’s website and especially to this section!Fàilte gu làrach-lìn MG ALBA agus gu h-àraidh chun nan duilleagan seo!

There are many opportunities and routes open to young people that have good Gaelic, as well as media skills. We have tried to gather some information together for you and we hope you get some pointers here. If you have any thoughts about anything you see, we would love to hear from you at fios@mgalba.com. We hope you enjoy our pages! Tha iomadh diofar chothrom ann agus slighean fosgailte do dhaoine òga aig a bheil deagh Ghàidhlig agus aig a bheil deagh sgilean sna meadhanan. Ma tha beachd agaibh air dad sam bith a chì sibh an seo, tha sinn airson cluinntinn bhuaibh aig fios@mgalba.com Tha sinn an dòchas gun còrd na duilleagan ribh!

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