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CUIRM@CELTIC: The Chieftains

BBC ALBA – Saturday 30 January 2016 at 8.55pm

CUIRM@CELTIC: The Chieftains

BBC ALBA – Disathairne 30 Faoilleach aig 8.55f

The Chieftans


The world’s biggest winter music festival, Celtic Connections, comes to our screens as CUIRM@CELTIC returns to BBC ALBA.

Opening the a four week run of the series is one of the biggest and most lauded events of the festival, as Irish legends The Chieftains took to the stage at Glasgow’s Royal Concert Hall. The event, curated by the irrepressible Paddy Moloney, brought together a cast of outstanding performers, and the concert hall audience responded with three standing ovations.

Moloney, renowned for bringing top acts together, brought together singers from Ireland, Scotland and North America to celebrate Ireland’s cultural impact and legacy over the last 100 years. Special guest was none other than country music legend Mr Kris Kristofferson, with a rendition of his classic hit For the Good Times.

Alongside the Chieftains trademark high-energy instrumentals and Gaelic vocals from Alyth McCormack, Moloney had assembled a troop of Irish dancers, the Glasgow Gaelic Choir, an all-star pipe band and a concert orchestra.

Staged to mark the 100th anniversary of Easter Rising, the concert featured many other musical luminaries. A highlight was without doubt Dublin song sorcerer Declan O’Rourke’s incredible rendition of his song Children of ’16, beautifully accompanied by fiddler John Sheahan of the Dubliners, while Eddi Reader backed by full concert orchestra, had the audience in the palm of her hands.

The concert climax was something to behold, as The Chieftains’ skillfully orchestrated an extended finale, inviting ceilidh-style solos from each performer – including Kris Kristofferson’s heart melting performance of Me and Bobby McGhee.

Paddy Moloney of The Chieftains said “It’s great to be back at Celtic Connections here in Glasgow, in a very special year. We have a huge show - it’s not just the old Chieftains; we’ve got lots of guests. Kris Kristofferson, whom I’ve known since the seventies. We’re delighted to have Karan Casey and one of your great singers, Alyth McCormack.”

CUIRM@CELTIC has been produced for BBC ALBA by Bees Nees Media in association with TG4 and will broadcast on Saturday 30 January at 8.55pm.


Tha Celtic Connections, an fhèis chiùil gheamhraidh as motha san t-saoghal, ri fhaicinn a dh’aithghearr, le Cuirm@Celtic a’ tilleadh gu BBC ALBA.

A’ fosgladh sreath de cheithir phrògraman, tha gaisgich na h-Èirinn, Na Chieftains, air àrd-ùrlar aig Talla-consairt Rìoghail Ghlaschu. Chaidh an tachartas a chuir air chois nuair a ghairm Paddy Moloney buidheann de cheòladairean agus de sheinneadairean airson na cuirme.

Tha na Chieftains a’ taisbeanadh ceòl a’ chòmhlain aig fèis Celtic Connections. Tha eòlas air leth aig a’ chòmhlan is iad air a bhith am measg gnìomhachais a’ chiùil son còrr is leth-cheud bliadhna agus tha iad a’ comharrachadh linn de cheòl na h-Èireann còmhla ri cuid de na rionnagan ciùil Èireannach as aithnichte a th’ ann.

Mar sin, airson na h-oidhche shònraichte seo bidh caraidean-ciùil nan cuideachd air àrd-ùrlar na fèise. Nam measg bidh fear de ghaisgich ceòl dùthcha, Kris Kristofferson, fear-ciùil cho iomraiteach ’s a th’ ann agus aoighean aithnichte làn thàlant, eadar Karan Casey, Declan O’ Rourke, Eddi Reader agus John Sheahan bho na Dubliners.

Chaidh CUIRM@CELTIC a riochdachadh airson BBC ALBA le Bees Nees Media ann an co-bhoinn le TG4 agus tha a’ chiad phrògram ri fhaicinn Disathairne 30 Faoilleach aig 9f.

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