Promo Delivery Libhrigeadh Promo

Follow the links below to all the information and forms required for promo delivery.

BBC ALBA Promo delivery Requirements

ALBA promo music reporting form

Promo compliance form (Blank)

Promo compliance form (Example)

Lean na ceanglaichean gu h-ìosal airson an fhiosrachadh air fad agus na formaichean a dh’fheumas sibh airson a bhith a’ libhrigeadh ‘Promo’

"BBC ALBA Promo delivery Requirements"

Aithisg ciùil airson ‘Promo’

Aithisg ‘Compliance’ (bàn)

Aithisg ‘Compliance’ (Eisimpleir)

Subtitles Fo-thiotalan

Follow this link to see an example of a subtitling video.

Lean an ceangal seo airson eisimpleir de bhidio fo-thiotalan.