Commissioning Round Cuairt Coimiseanaidh

Gaelic writers sought for a children’s short drama

MG ALBA is looking for ideas from Gaelic writers for a children’s short drama. This is part of a prestigious European Broadcasting Union scheme which will showcase the best talent from across the continent.

We have already funded 2 Gaelic shorts as part of the initiative: The Saboteurs and Mystique 375. Now we would like to find a brilliant, original idea that can be developed into a third film.

We are not looking for scripts at this stage. But if you have an idea that can be summed up in a single paragraph then we would love to hear from you.

Ideas should:

  • • Have children from 8 to 11 years-old at their heart.
  • • Convey strong emotions that the young audience can empathize with.
  • • Work visually with a minimum of dialogue.
  • • Have a story that can be resolved in 15 minutes (the ideal duration of the films).

This year’s theme is “Tell Me a Secret”. So, if you have an idea please send it in. As mentioned just few lines with an indication of setting, characters and plot would be sufficient at this point.

The deadline for submissions is 12:00 on Thursday 08/02/18

Once we’ve chosen the idea we think best suits the brief we’ll pair you with an experienced drama producer and begin developing it to script form.

If you have any queries please don’t hesitate to get in touch: bill.macleod@mgalba.com




LearnGaelic – Request for Proposals

LearnGaelic is a partnership between the BBC, MG ALBA, Bòrd na Gàidhlig, the Board of Celtic Studies and Sabhal Mòr Ostaig. LearnGaelic adopts the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

MG ALBA on behalf of LearnGaelic invites proposals for the creation of new resources. Commissions will be awarded in January 2018 and should be delivered within 3-4 months.

About Gaelic and About Learning Gaelic

Subject Deliverables
1. Scottish Gaelic in 2018: a description. Purpose: awareness-raising in Scotland, the UK and internationally • Video: max 60”, for social media
• Video: max 2’30”, for website
• Text / graphic for website
2. Reasons to learn Gaelic: the benefits of speaking Gaelic. Purpose: to motivate individuals to learn Gaelic and to support others to learn (e.g. through Gaelic medium education) • Video x 5: max 30” each, for social media
• Video: max 2’30”, for website
• Text / graphic for website
• Concepts for printed materials: leaflet, poster for public spaces, poster for audiences already connected to Gaelic (e.g. families of pupils in Gaelic medium schools, Gaelic and Celtic music events etc.)
3. “Myth-busters”: dealing with commonly perceived obstacles to learning Gaelic. Purpose: to provide factually correct information for those considering learning Gaelic • Video x 5: max 30” each, for social media
• Video: max 2’30”, for website
• Text / graphic for website
4. Typical learner pathways: describing the routes commonly taken to proficiency in Gaelic. Purpose: to offer practical guidance, support and motivation to learners • Compelling stories x 5
  • o Video: max 45”, for social media
  • o Text version for website
5. Social media content: capable of re-use annually or seasonally. Purpose: to stimulate interest in learning Gaelic through playful and interesting social media content • Video x 12: max 45” each, for social media
• Memes x 12, for social media

Note: these are intended for use over the course of a year. It is suggested that they follow a theme or have a basis in seasons (e.g. 3 for each season).

Pronunciation Guidance

Subject Deliverables
6. Pronunciation Guidance: demonstrating the most common sounds in Gaelic, such as the Gaelic alphabet and à, nn, ll, bh etc. Purpose: to aid learners at A1 and A2 • Video x 40: max 60” each, for website
• Each video should
  • o focus on the mouth to show how Gaelic sounds are made
  • o reinforce the sound by providing example words and sentences

• Audio files of examples
• Text of examples
• Transcripts of videos

Gaelic Grammar

Subject Deliverables
7. Gaelic grammar: engaging and accessible mini-guides, or “explainers” on common Gaelic grammar points. Purpose: a reference tool suitable for all but aimed primarily at B1 to C2 • Videos x 10, max 2’30” each, for website
• Text version for website

Note: format must be durable and capable of repetition. It is suggested they deal with common practical issues that users of Gaelic need guidance in when writing in Gaelic, such as bidh/bith/bi, cuir and cur, use of apostrophe and hyphen, etc. Further mini-guides may be commissioned if the initial commission is successful.

Guidance to applicants

  • • All materials should assume that the user is approaching Gaelic language learning from the medium of English.
  • • Applications are welcome for individual projects or for packages.
  • • Prospective applicants may contact mairi@learngaelic.scot further information is required. Responses to queries will published if new information is being made available.
  • • MG ALBA reserves the right not to commission any or all packages.
  • • Applications should be by email to mairi@learngaelic.scot, in Word or PDF, and should specify price and key elements, including talent.
  • Deadline for proposals - 22 January 2018 at 9am







Once again MG ALBA, S4C and TG4 are proud to unite in this the third year of the Celtic Formats pilot scheme.

The first year of the pilot scheme brought Device Squad, a fun look at how dependant we are on our tech devices, produced by Bees Nees Media from Scotland. Last year brought Galw Nain, a lighthearted dating format produced by Antena in North Wales. It is now in production and will be broadcast on S4C in the first quarter of next year.

This year we are inviting original unscripted factual entertainment ideas with must see, compelling and surprising content that will appeal to intergenerational audiences alike across the Celtic nations and beyond.

The ambition is to discover a refreshing, distinctive and authentic format that the Celtic Nations can be proud of and that will be talked about across the three nations. The ideas should show creative ambition and heart that will take us on emotional journey in some way, be it laughter, tears or surprise yet shouldn’t feel overly formulated or forced.

MG ALBA (for BBC ALBA), TG4 & S4C will equally fund a pilot to the total value of £15,000 with the aim of developing a value for money format that has the potential to create a successful, adaptable and returnable series which can be produced independently in all of the Celtic regions and beyond.

Proposals should include:

A logline, format treatment, indication of proposed talent and of how the development funds would be used to produce a worthwhile pilot which can be used as a basis for a returnable series.

The best ideas will be shortlisted and invited to pitch to the three broadcasters in January/early February 2018. One idea will selected to receive the £15,000 development funding to create a pilot for delivery by mid April 2018.

Deadline for submissions: 19th December 2017.

Please send your proposals to: Celticformats@s4c.cymru

By submitting your ideas to the email address set out above, you agree to the Terms of Entry set out in the document – Celtic Format Pilot Scheme 2017/2018



The 2017/2018 Celtic Format Initiative (“CFI”) is supported by:

  • • S4C having its registered office at Parc Ty Glas, Llanishen, CF14 5DU, Wales (“S4C”)
  • • TG4 of Baile na hAbhann, Co. Galway, Ireland (“TG4”); and
  • • MG ALBA of Seaforth Road, Stornoway HS1 2SD, Scotland (“MG ALBA”)
  • (S4C, TG4 and MG ALBA together referenced as “The Broadcasters”)

1. Entry requirements

To take part in this initiative, entrants must submit the following by email to Celticformats@s4c.cymru before midday, Tuesday 19th December 2017:

  • • A logline and treatment for the format (this can be in the form of a document or visual demo tape). The treatment should be simple, short and should outline the key format elements and your vision for the format in 2 – 5 pages.
  • • An indication of the proposed talent and/or key attributes of any talent should be noted
  • • Details of how the £15,000 development funds would be used to produce a pilot which can be used as a basis for a returnable series.
  • • Full contact details of the applicant (contact name, company name (where applicable), email address, mailing address and telephone contact details) should be included.

Information can be presented in your local Celtic language or English. Where information is submitted in any language other than English, an English translation should also be submitted.

The Broadcasters accept no responsibility for the shortcomings of any delivery system or for any lost, delayed or defective responses. It is up to you to ensure that your responses (and any attachments) are prepared in good time (taking into account the possibility of staff absences or technical failures) and are submitted in advance of the deadline for receipt of responses set out above.

Please note that 20Mb is the maximum email size that the email address can accept and permissible file formats are Word, Excel, PDF and Jpeg. These file formats are acceptable as Zip Files. You should be aware that your own ISP (Internet Service Provider) may impose lower limits on the maximum email capacity and as such you are advised to check the size limit with your own ISP or IT department well in advance of despatch and deadline.

2. Format Idea

The format must be wholly original, not based on any other programme, format, books, plays or other source materials and should not have been previously pitched to any broadcaster or be optioned, under development or in production for any other broadcaster.

The format must be capable of production in compliance with BAI Codes and the Ofcom Broadcasting Code and should not violate or infringe any other person’s rights including any rights of privacy, intellectual property rights or human rights.

By submitting a format idea, each applicant warrants that the format idea complies with the requirements set out in this part 2.

3. Further Information

All further enquiries relating to this initiative including any requests for further information and/or guidance must be made by email to Celticformatquestions@s4c.cymru In the interests of fairness and transparency please note that all requests for further information and/or guidance in respect of this initiative and responses to such requests will be disclosed to all applicants. Such disclosures will be made by email to the email addresses provided by the specific enquirer and published on the Broadcasters’ websites.

4. Selection of Development Project

Representatives from the Broadcasters will open all entries submitted in accordance with these Terms of Entry at the same time on or after the Closing Date. The representatives of each Broadcaster will evaluate all entries in accordance with the following criteria:

  • • Originality and key format elements
  • • Appeal to core audience of the Broadcasters and potential for wider appeal
  • • Proposed use of £15,000 development money

Following evaluation, the Broadcasters will shortlist a maximum of six (6) companies to be invited to pitch their ideas to the Broadcasters. The Broadcasters will aim to notify the companies that have been invited to pitch by email on or about 12th January 2018. The successful applicants will be notified of the date and other arrangements for the pitch. Unsuccessful applicants will be notified after this date.

If the Format Developer is an individual or has limited experience in producing television programmes of the nature proposed, part of the pitch will include a discussion with the Broadcasters as to how the Format Developer intends to produce the pilot and whether a production partner has been approached or whether they would be open to the commissioning broadcaster nominating a production company or an executive producer to work on the project.

All pitches will be conducted via Video Conferencing or Skype. Representative from each Broadcaster will be present and suitable arrangements for Video Conferencing or Skype link will be made with each applicant invited to pitch.

Following further evaluation of the format ideas, the Broadcasters will, where appropriate, jointly and unanimously select one (1) format idea to develop further.

The Broadcasters will notify the successful and unsuccessful applicants by email after all pitches have been given.

Decisions of the Broadcasters in this respect will be in their absolute discretion and will be final.

5. Key Development Terms

Where a format idea is submitted pursuant to this initiative, but is not selected for development, all rights in such format will be retained by the production company submitting the idea.

Where a format idea is selected for development, the applicant who submitted the format idea (“Format Developer”) will be required to enter into a development agreement with the Broadcasters which will include the following terms:

  • • an obligation on the Format Developer to deliver the development materials, including a pilot of non-broadcast quality based on the format idea (with English language subtitles, where appropriate), a basic format bible, running order;
  • • a commitment by each of the Broadcasters to contribute £5,000 each (total of £15,000);
  • • the exclusive right for each of the Broadcasters to commission one or more series in their local language based on the format in their absolute discretion, to be broadcast worldwide without restriction;
  • • if the Format Developer has limited experience of producing a programme in the language of one of the commissioning broadcasters, each commissioning broadcaster may require the Format Developer to licence the format to a local independent producer in return for a format fee. The Format Developer will be granted a consultant role with the relevant production company on terms to be agreed with the commissioning broadcaster;
  • • copyright in the underlying format and the pilot will be assigned to the Broadcasters and the Format Developer to be held by all parties in equal shares;
  • • all parties will agree on the most appropriate distribution strategy for the format as part of a commissioning agreement;
  • • copyright in any programme commissioned by a broadcaster will be assigned back to and owned by the Broadcasters and the Format Developer in equal shares unless the Broadcasters and the Format Developer agree otherwise; and
  • • if a format idea is selected for development work but none of the Broadcasters elect to commission a series based on the format within 24 months of delivery of the development materials, the project shall be placed into turnaround and the Format Developer shall be entitled to buy back all rights in the format on repayment of the £15,000 development moneys.

6. Freedom of Information and Data Protection

The Broadcasters are subject to the provisions of the Freedom of Information (“FOI”) Act 2000 and the Irish Freedom of Information Act 2014 and may be required to disclose information contained in any document provided by all applicants in response to an FOI request.

By responding to this document all applicants consent to the processing by each of the Broadcasters of all personal information provided in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and confirm that the applicant has obtained all necessary third party consents to enable the Broadcasters to do so.

7. Confidentiality

All applicants agree to keep confidential any information which is disclosed or otherwise made available to them by the Broadcasters in connection with this initiative, applicants agree not to use such information for any purpose other than the preparation of responses and shall not to disclose such information to any person other than in confidence and on a need to know basis to those persons who are directly involved in the preparation of the response. Such obligations of confidentiality shall not apply to documents already in the public domain at the time it is disclosed or made available by any one of the Broadcasters.

Applicants agree not to, and agree to ensure that their employees and any adviser or any other person connected with the response does not, issue any publicity of any kind (including but not limited to notices via social networking sites such as Facebook or Twitter or otherwise) regarding the initiative or any decision of the Broadcasters in relation to any element of this initiative unless each of the Broadcasters has provided prior written consent to such communication.

8. Non-Collusion

By submitting a response applicants certify that:

  • (a) the response is bona fide and intended to be competitive; and
  • (b) the applicant has not fixed or adjusted the response by or under or in accordance with any agreement or arrangement with any other person or required any other producer to do the same.

9. Rights in the material submitted and indemnity

Each applicant must ensure that they control all right, title and interest in and to the submitted material necessary for the Broadcasters to acquire the unfettered right to own and exploit such the format and any programming based on the format, by sale or license, in all media worldwide in perpetuity.

Applicants acknowledge that the Broadcasters are constantly developing and are in receipt of ideas from a variety of different sources. Consequently the Broadcasters shall not be liable to any applicant for any use of material which is not original to the applicant, is not new or novel or which has been independently submitted to the Broadcasters or previously developed by any employee of the Broadcasters or is in the future submitted to the Broadcasters by a third party and the Broadcasters shall not be obligated in any respect whatsoever to compensate the applicant for any use of such material.

If any of the Broadcasters produce or distribute a television programme or programmes based upon the same general idea, theme or situation and/or having the same setting or background history as any material submitted by the applicant, the Broadcasters shall have no obligation or liability to the applicant of any kind by reason of the production or distribution of such programme(s) except where the Broadcasters has substantially copied the expression and development of such idea, theme or situation, including the characters and story line thereof. The submission of material by the applicant shall not be deemed to place any of the Broadcasters in any different position from any other member of the public with respect to the submitted material. As such, any part of the material that could freely be used by any member of the public may be used by the Broadcasters without liability to the applicant.

By submitting an entry, applicants agree to indemnify on demand, defend, release, discharge and hold harmless the Broadcasters from any and all claims and liabilities arising from or in connection with participation of the entrant in this initiative, including, without limitation: (a) claims for injury, loss or damage of any kind resulting from the entrant’s participation in this initiative; and (b) claims based on rights of privacy, moral rights, defamation, copyright and/or trademark infringement relating to the submission or exploitation of any format idea.

10. Disqualification

The Broadcasters reserve the right, in their absolute discretion, to disqualify any response and/or any Company from this initiative at any time if:

  • (a) a response does not comply in any respect with the Terms of Entry;
  • (b) any information provided to the Broadcasters is incomplete, inaccurate or misleading in any respect or ceases to be correct;
  • (c) the applicant has colluded with any person in relation to or in connection with a response to this document; or
  • (d) the applicant or its appointed advisers has attempted to inappropriately influence this process in any way.

Disqualification of any response or company will be without prejudice to any other rights or remedies of the Broadcasters.

11. No Obligation to Offer a Contract

Nothing contained in this document shall constitute an agreement or contract to commission any development work or production of a programme.

The Broadcasters reserve the right to withdraw from and/or abandon and/or defer this process at any time, not to award any contract as a result of this process, to supplement, revise and/or clarify the terms and conditions of this document.

12. Governing Law

This document shall be governed by the laws of England and Wales and applicants agree, by returning a response, to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.




Winter Commissioning Round – 2017/18

Deadline for programme ideas – January 16th, 2018 at 1pm
Deadline for MG ALBA/BBC partnership decisions – February 16th, 2018

This commissioning round is primarily for programming which will feature in the BBC ALBA schedule from August 2018 onwards but may be earlier. Proposals should take into account the changing patterns of media consumption and, where relevant, address the challenges of reaching younger audiences.

Submissions for the re-commissioning of existing programmes or series will be accepted.

Co-funded budgets are especially welcome, ideally not from a competing broadcaster within the UK territory.



In general terms, BBC ALBA’s schedule has three key weekday slots:

  • 8.30 pm – half hour programmes which attempt to cater especially for Gaelic-speaking communities and their interests.
  • 9.00 pm – hour-long programmes, both factual and entertainment aimed at a national audience (40 + demographic).
  • 10.00 pm – half-hour programmes, mainly entertainment, aimed at a younger national or core audience.

This commissioning round will mainly deal with programming for these three key slots.

BBC ALBA is responding to the changing media landscape and how and when audiences access and consume content. We have ambitions to further exploit the various digital platforms, including social media and content-sharing platforms, to help us serve audiences. Proposals which demonstrate capacity for engagement with users of these platforms are particularly welcome.



Submissions of programme ideas should state which category they refer to in this round. They should include a brief creative summary, details of key talent behind and in front of camera, programme price and should also detail digital media opportunities. They should not exceed one A4 page per programme. The opportunity to develop these summaries may be given through interviews with applicants.

The programme: Distinctive factual programmes aiming to create substantial popular and/or critical impact with national and international audiences
First broadcast slot: Weekday, 9pm.
Format: Single documentaries of 58-59 minutes or feature length , each for delivery from Autumn 2018.
Audience: General

The programme: Programmes of special interest and value for the Gaelic-speaking communities.
First broadcast slot: 8.30pm or 9pm
Format: Single programmes or short series of either 58-59 minutes or 29 minutes duration each.
Audience: Gaelic-speaking communities.

The programme: Programming marking the 100th anniversary of the Iolaire tragedy.
First broadcast slot: Various
Format: In addition to reflecting the planned community commemorative events, BBC ALBA wish to commission original programming providing an innovative, creative response to the Iolaire story. Duration and transmission slot will be determined by the nature of the proposal and need not be limited to the usual scheduling patterns.
Audience: General


Draft dates for further Commissioning Rounds.

The MG ALBA/BBC partnership envisages two further commissioning rounds during 2018.

Commissioning Round Summer – 2018.
Draft deadline for programme ideas – 7th June, 2018 at 1pm.
Draft deadline for MG ALBA/BBC partnership decisions – 28th June, 2018.

Commissioning Round Winter – 2018/19.
Draft deadline for programme ideas – 15th January, 2019 at 1pm.
Draft deadline for MG ALBA/BBC partnership decisions – 15th February , 2019.


Details of these commissioning rounds will be published closer to these draft dates.

Co-production ideas seeking lead funding from the MG ALBA/BBC partnership should apply for funding through these seasonal commissioning rounds. Co-production ideas with external lead funding are acceptable at any time and the MG ALBA/BBC partnership will endeavour to return commissioning decisions on them without undue delay.

The MG ALBA/BBC partnership will accept ‘time-perishable’ programme ideas at any time and endeavour to return commissioning decisions on them without undue delay.

Final submissions and any questions on anything contained in this commissioning round should be addressed to Diorbhail Wentworth :- Diorbhail.Wentworth@bbc.co.uk


A’ sireadh sgrìobhadairean Gàidhlig airson dràma goirid chloinne

Tha MG ALBA a’ sireadh bheachdan bho sgrìobhadairean Gàidhlig airson dràma goirid chloinne. Tha seo mar phàirt de sgeama a tha a’ sealltainn an tàlant as fheàrr bhon Aonadh Craolaidh Eòrpach (EBU).

Tha sinn air dà fhilm ghoirid Gàidhlig a chruthachadh mar phàirt den iomairt mu thràth: The Saboteurs agus Mystique 375. Bu chaomh leinn a-nis smuain ùr, bunasach fhaighinn a dh’fhaodadh a bhith air a leasachadh na fhilm ùr.

Chan eil sinn a’ coimhead airson sgriobtaichean slàn an-dràsta. Ma tha smuain agaibh as urrain a bhith air a chuir sìos ann am paragraf, leigibh fios.

Bu chòir dha na smuaintean agaibh:

  • • A bhith le fòcas timcheall air clann aois 8 gu 11
  • • Sealltainn faireachdainnean làidir ris an gabh luchd-èisteachd òg co-fhaireachdainn
  • • Obrachadh gun feum air tòrr bruidhinn
  • • Obrachadh timcheall air sgeulachd nach toir nas fhaide na 15 mionaidean

‘S e cuspair na bliadhna-sa: “Innis dhomh rùn-dìomhair.” Ma tha smuain sam bith agaibh, cuiribh a-steach i.

‘S e 12:00 Diardaoin 08/02/18 an ceann-ama.

Nuair a thaghas sinn an smuain tha sinn a’ smaoineachadh a dh’obraicheas nas fheàrr, cuiridh sinn sibh còmhla ri riochdaire comasach agus tòisichidh sinn na chuir na sgriobt.

Ma tha ceistean sam bith agaibh, cuiribh fios gu: bill.macleod@mgalba.com




LearnGaelic – Iarrtas airson tairgsean

Tha LearnGaelic na cho-bhanntachd eadar am BBC, MG ALBA, Bòrd na Gàidhlig, Bòrd na Ceiltis agus Sabhal Mòr Ostaig. Tha LearnGaelic ag obair ann an co-theacsa an Sgeama Cumanta Eòrpach airson Measadh Ionnsachadh Cànain.

Tha MG ALBA, às leth LearnGaelic, a’ sireadh iarrtasan airson goireasan ùra a chruthachadh. Thèid coimiseanan a thairgse san Fhaoilleach 2018 agus bu chòir an obair a bhith dèante taobh a-staigh 3-4 mìosan.

Mu Ghàidhlig agus mu bhith ag ionnsachadh Gàidhlig

Cuspair Stuthan lìbhrigidh
1. Gàidhlig na h-Alba ann an 2018: dealbh. Adhbhar: togail aithne ann an Alba, san RA agus gu h-eadar-nàiseanta • Bhidio: 60” aig a’ char as fhaide, airson nam meadhanan sòisealta
• Bhidio: 2’30” aig a’ char as fhaide, airson làrach-lìn
• Teacsa / grafaig airson làrach-lìn
2. Adhbharan gus Gàidhlig ionnsachadh: na buannachdan a bhith a’ bruidhinn Gàidhlig. Adhbhar: Daoine a bhrosnachadh gus Gàidhlig ionnsachadh agus taic a thoirt dhaibhsan a tha ag ionnsachadh (m.e. tro fhoghlam tro mheadhan na Gàidhlig) • Bhidio x 5: 30” aig a’ char as fhaide gach fear, airson nam meadhanan sòisealta
• Bhidio: 2’30”, aig a’ char as fhaide, airson làrach-lìn
• Teacsa / grafaig airson làrach-lìn
• Beachdan airson stuthan clò-bhuailte: bileag, postair airson àiteachan poblach, postair airson luchd-cleachdaidh le ceangal cheana ri Gàidhlig (me teaghlaichean de sgoilearan ann an sgoiltean a tha ag ionnsachadh tro mheadhanan na Gàidhlig, tachartasan ciùil Gàidhlig agus Ceilteach)
3. Fìrinn is fuadain – a’ cur ruaig air fionn-sgeulan: a’ dèiligeadh ri rudan a tha gu tric air am faicinn mar chnapan-starra ri Gàidhlig ionnsachadh. Adhbhar: gus fiosrachadh coileanta a thairgse dhaibhsan a tha a’ beachdachadh Gàidhlig ionnsachadh. • Bhidio x 5: 30” aig a’ char as fhaide gach fear, airson nam meadhanan sòisealta
• Bhidio: 2’30” aig a’ char as fhaide, airson làrach-lìn
• Teacsa / grafaig airson làrach-lìn
4. Slighean ionnsachaidh àbhaisteach: a’ mìneachadh nan slighean gu cumanta air an gabhail gus ìre comais a ruighinn. Adhbhar: stiùir, taic agus brosnachadh practaigeach a thairgse do luchd-ionnsachaidh • Sgeulachdan cumhachdach x 5
  • o Bhidio: 45”, aig a’ char as fhaide, airson nam meadhanan sòisealta
  • o Tionndadh teacsa airson làrach-lìn
5. Susbaint nam meadhanan sòisealta: comas a bhith air a chleachdadh a-rithist gu bliadhnail no gu ràitheil. Adhbhar: gus ùidh a bhrosnachadh ann an ionnsachadh Gàidhlig tro shusbaint spòrsail agus inntinneach air na meadhanan sòisealta • Bhidio x 12: 45” aig a’ char as fhaide gach fear, airson nam meadhanan sòisealta
• Memes x 12, airson nam meadhanan sòisealta

Nota: thathas am beachd iad seo a chleachdadh thar bliadhna. Thathas a’ moladh gu bheil iad a’ leantainn chuspair no gu bheil iad stèidhichte ann an ràithean (m.e. trì airson gach ràith)

Gràmar Gàidhlig

Cuspair Stuthan lìbhrigidh
6. Comhairle Fuaimneachaidh: a’ taisbeanadh nan fuaimean as cumanta ann an Gàidhlig, leithid an aibidil Ghàidhlig agus à, nn, ll, bh msaa. Adhbhar: luchd-ionnsachaidh aig ìrean A1 agus A2 a chuideachadh • Bhidio x 40: 60” aig a’ char as fhaide gach fear, airson làrach-lìn
• Bu chòir do gach bhidio
  • o fòcas a chuir air a’ bheul gus sealltainn ciamar a thathas a’ dèanamh fuaimean Gàidhlig
  • o a’ daingneachadh na fuaime le bhith a’ toirt eisimpleirean de dh’fhacail agus de sheantansan

• Eisimpleirean de faidhlichean fuaime
• Eisimpleirean de theacsa
• Tar-sgrìobhaidhean de bhidiothan

Comhairle fuaimneachaidh

Cuspair Stuthan lìbhrigidh
7. Gràmar Gàidhlig: meanbh-bhileagan inntinneach agus furasta rim faighinn, no bileagan-mìneachaidh air puingean gràmar Gàidhlig cumanta. Adhbhar: inneal-reifreans a fhreagras air na h-uile ach ag amas sa mhòr-chuid air B1 gu C2 • Bhidiothan x 10, 2’30” aig a’ char as fhaide gach fear, airson làrach-lìn
• Tionndadh teacsa airson làrach-lìn

Nota: feumaidh am fòrmat a bhith maireannach agus comasach air ath-chleachdadh. Thathas a’ moladh gu bheil iad a’ dèiligeadh ri gnothaichean cumanta practaigeach anns am feum luchd-cleachdaidh na Gàidhlig cuideachadh ann an sgrìobhadh, mar bidh/bith/bi, cuir agus cur, cleachdadh an asgair agus an tàthan, msaa. Dh’fhaodadh gun tèid an tuilleadh meanbh-bhileagan a choimiseanadh ma tha a’ chiad coimiseanaidh soirbheachail.

Comhairle do luchd-tagraidh

  • • Bu chòir gu bheil na stuthan air fad a’ gabhail ris gu bheil an luchd-cleachdaidh a’ tighinn an lùib ionnsachadh na Gàidhlig tro mheadhan na Beurla.
  • • Chuirear fàilte air tagraidhean airson pròiseactan air leth no airson pasgan de phròiseactan.
  • • Faodaidh tagraidhean fios a bharrachd a shireadh bho mairi@learngaelic.scot tro phuist-dealain agus thèid freagairtean cheistean fhoillseachadh ma tha iad a’ toirt seachad fiosrachadh ùr.
  • • Tha MG ALBA a’ glèidheadh an comais gun cuid no gin idir de na pasgain a choimiseanadh.
  • • Bu chòir tagraidhean a chuir a-steach le post-dealan gu mairi@learngaelic.scot ann an riochd Word no PDF, le fios mu phrìs agus eileamaidean cudromach, leithid tàlant.
  • Ceann-là airson tagraidhean – 22 Faoilleach 2018 aig 9m







Tha BBC ALBA, S4C agus TG4 aon uair eile toilichte a bhith a’ co-obrachadh san tritheamh bliadhna a tha seo de sgeama pìleat, Fòrmatan Ceilteach.

Sa chiad bliadhna den sgeama pìleat, fhuair sinn Device Squad, riochdaichte le Bees Nees Media à Alba - sùil aotrom air mar a tha sinn uile a-nis an eisimeil ar fònaichean làimhe is eile An-uiridh, fhuair sinn Galw Nain, riochdaichte le Antena anns A' Chuimrigh a Tuath – a thug sùil spòrsail air suirghe. Tha e a-nis aig ìre riochdachaidh agus thèid a chraoladh air S4C sa chiad chairteal an ath-bhliadhna.

Tha sinn a’ sireadh bheachdan air prògraman ùra, fìrinneach ach spòrsail, nàdarrach, neo-sgriobtaichte anns am bi susbaint is anns am bi ùidh aig daoine den h-uile aois air feadh nan dùthchannan Ceilteach agus nas fharsaing na sin.

Tha sinn a’ feuchainn ri blas fhaighinn air an seòrsa spiorad a tha ri fhaotainn sna dùthchannan Ceilteach san là an-diugh

Is e an t-amas a tha ann fòrmat ùr, inntinneach a lorg a tha a’ toirt deagh bheachd air cò ris a tha na dùthchannan Ceilteach dhà-rìreabh coltach agus a thogas conaltradh anns na trì dùthchannan. Feumaidh na beachdan a bhith chruthachail agus àrd-amasach agus gàire, deòir no iongnadh a thoirt air an luchd-amhairc.

Thig maoineachadh co-ionnan de £15,000 gu h-iomlan airson a’ phrògram deuchainn bho MG ALBA (às leth BBC ALBA), TG4 & S4C leis an amas fòrmat a leasachadh anns am biodh luach an airgid a dh’fhaodadh sreath leantainneach a chruthachadh a bhiodh comasach a chleachdadh sna dùthchannan Ceilteach air fad agus nas fharsaing na sin.

Bu chòir do na tagraidhean a bhith a’ gabhail a-steach:

Prìomh theachdaireachd a’ phrògraim, am fòrmat, fiosrachadh mun tàlant a bhios an lùib a’ phròiseict agus iomradh air an dòigh anns an deigheadh maoin leasachaidh a chleachdadh gus prògram deuchainn feumail a chruthachadh a b’ urrainn a bhith air a chleachdadh mar bhunait airson sreath.

Thèid na tagraidhean as fheàrr air geàrr-liosta agus thèid iarraidh orra an taisbeanadh gu na trì buidhnean-craolaidh san Fhaoilleach/tràth sa Ghearain 2018. Thèid aon thagradh a thaghadh airson a’ mhaoin leasachaidh de £15,000 gus prògram deuchainn a chruthachadh airson a libhrigeadh tràth sa Ghiblean 2018.

Ceann-latha airson tagraidhean: 19 Dùbhlachd 2017.

Cuiribh ur tagraidhean gu: Celticformats@s4c.cymru

Le bhith a’ cur ur tagraidhean chun phost-dealain gu h-àrd, tha sibh ag aontachadh ris na Cumhachan Inntrigidh gu h-ìosal.



Tha Iomairt Fòrmat Ceilteach (CFI) 2017/18 a’ faighinn taic bho:

  • • S4C aig a bheil oifis clàraichte aig Parc Ty Glas, Llanishen, CF14 5DU, a’ Chuimrigh (“S4C”)
  • • TG4 aig Baile na hAbhann, Co. Galway, Èirinn (“TG4”); agus
  • • MG ALBA Ràthad Shìphoirt, HS1 2SD, Alba (“MG ALBA”)
  • (S4C, TG4 agus MG ALBA còmhla aithnichte mar “Na Craoladairean”)

1. Feumalachdan Com-pàirteachaidh

Mar phàirt den iomairt seo, feumaidh buidhnean na leanas a chur gu Celticformats@s4c.cymru air post-dealain ro mheadhan-là Dimàirt 19 Dùbhlachd 2017:

  • • Prìomh theachdaireachd a’ phrògraim (logline), am fòrmat (mar sgrìobhainn no bhidio). Bu chòir dhan dealbhachadh a bhith sìmplidh, goirid agus prìomh eileamaidean an tagraidh a dhèanamh soilleir agus ur sealladh airson an fhòrmait ann an 2-5 duilleagan.
  • • Fiosrachadh mun tàlant a dh’fhaodadh a bhith an lùib a’ phròiseict agus/no fios mu prìomh sgilean tàlaint.
  • • Iomradh air an dòigh anns an deigheadh am maoin leasachaidh de £15,000 a chleachdadh gus prògram deuchainn feumail a chruthachadh a b’ urrainn a bhith air a chleachdadh mar bhunait airson sreath.
  • • Fiosrachadh mun dòigh san cuireadh sinn fios chun a’ bhuidheann-tagraidh agus bu chòir na leanas a bhith air an toirt seachad (ainm neach, ainm a’ chompanaidh (far a bheil seo iomchaidh), seòladh post-dealain, seòladh puist agus àireamh fòn).
  • • Faodar fiosrachadh a chur thugainn nur cànan Ceilteach fhèin no sa Bheurla. Far a bheil fiosrachadh ann an cànan eile a bharrachd air Beurla, feumaidh eadar-theangachadh Beurla a bhith na chois.
  • • Cha ghabh na Craoladairean uallach airson duilgheadasan sam bith le siostam lìbhrigidh no airson freagairtean a thèid air chall, no anns am bi dàil no mearachd sam bith. Tha e an urra ribhse dèanamh cinnteach gu bheil na tagraidhean agaibh (agus faidhlichean sam bith nan cois) ullaichte ann an deagh ùine (a’ gabhail a-steach luchd-obrach a bhith dheth no trioblaidean teicnigeach) agus gu bheil iad air an cur thugainn ron cheann-latha airson nan tagraidhean a rèir mar a chithear gu h-àrd.
  • • Bithibh mothachail nach gabh am post-dealain faidhlichean nas motha na 20Mb agus chan fhaodar faidhlichean a chur thugainn ach ann an cruth Word, Excel, PDF agus Jpeg. Faodar iad seo a chur thugainn mar fhaidhlichean Zip. Bithibh mothachail gum faod an ISP agaibh pèin (Solaraiche Seirbheis Eadar-lìon) casg nas lugha na sin a chur air faidhlichean agus mar sin thathar gur comhairleachadh faighinn a-mach meud an fhaidhle a dh’fhaodas sibh a chur air falbh bhon ISP agaibh no an roinn IT agaibh ron cheann-latha.

2. Beachd air Fòrmat

Bu chòir dhan chruth a bhith ùr, chan ann stèidhichte air prògram, fòrmat, leabhraichean, dealbhan-cluiche no stuthan sam bith eile agus cha bu chòir dha a bhith air a chur mar thagradh gu craoladair sam bith no a bhith air a roghnachadh, fo leasachadh no air a riochdachadh le craoladair sam bith eile.

Feumaidh an cruth a bhith comasach a riochdachadh a rèir Còdaichean BAI agus Còd Craolaidh Ofcom agus cha bu chòir briseadh no buaidh a thoirt air còraichean neach sam bith, a’ gabhail a-steach dìomhaireachd, còraichean seilbheachd innleachdail no còraichean daonna.

Le bhith a’ cur tagradh a-steach, tha gach tagraiche a’ dearbhadh gu bheil am beachd ag aontachadh ris na riatanasan ann am pàirt 2.

3. Tuilleadh Fiosrachaidh

Feumaidh ceistean sam bith co-cheangailte ris an iomairt seo, a’ gabhail a-steach iarrtasan airson fiosrachadh a bharrachd agus/no stiùireadh a bhith air an dèanamh ann an cruth post-dealain gu Celticformatquestions@s4c.cymru

Gus a bhith ceart agus cothromach, thèid iarrtasan agus freagairtean airson fiosrachadh agus/no stiùireadh an dàimh ris an iomairt seo an sgaoileadh gu na tagraichean air fad. Thèid sgaoileadh mar seo a dhèanamh tro phost-dealain gu na seòlaidhean puist-dealain a bheir gach tagraiche seachad agus bidh iad air am foillseachadh air làraich-lìn nan Craoladairean.

4. Taghadh Pròiseact Leasachaidh

Fosglaidh riochdairean bho na Craoladairean gach tagradh a tha a rèir a’ Chùmhnant Com-pàirteachaidh aig an aon àm no an dèidh a’ chinn-là. Nì riochdairean gach Craoladair measadh air a h-uile tagradh a rèir nan comharran a leanas:

  • • tùsalachd agus prìomh eileamaidean fòrmat
  • • cho tarraingeach ’s a the e do phrìomh luchd-amhairc nan Craoladairean agus an comas a tha aige a bhith tarraingeach do luchd-amharc nas fharsaing
  • • mar a thathar an dùil an £15,000 de dh’airgead maoineachaidh a chleachdadh

An dèidh measadh a dhèanamh, taghaidh na Craoladairean suas ri sia (6) companaidhean gus a bhith air a’ gheàrr-liosta a gheibh cuireadh am beachdan a lìbhrigeadh chun nan Craoladairean. Tha na Craoladairean airson fios a leigeil gu na companaidhean a tha a’ faighinn cuireadh tro phost-dealain air, no timcheall air an 10mh Faoilleach 2017. Gheibh an luchd-tagraidh soirbheachail fios mun cheann-latha agus mu ullachaidhean eile. Gheibh tagraichean nach robh soirbheachail fios an dèidh a’ chinn-là seo.

Ma ’s e neach air leth no buidheann às aonais mòran eòlais air a bhith a’ riochdachadh phrògraman telebhisein den fhòrmat seo a tha san Leasaiche Fòrmat, mar phàirt prògram deuchainn a riochdachadh agus a bheil iad air bruidhinn ri companaidh dhan lìbhrigeadh bidh conaltradh ris na Craoladairean air mar a tha an Leasaiche Fòrmat an dùil am riochdachaidh eile airson taic no am biodh iad deònach gun ainmicheadh an craoladair coimiseanaidh companaidh riochdachaidh no àrd riochdaire airson obrachadh air a’ phròiseact.

Thèid na tagraidhean an lìbhrigeadh an dàrna cuid gu pearsanta no air Co-labhairt Bhidio no Skype. Bidh riochdaire bho gach Craoladair an làthair agus thèid cùisean ceangal Co-labhairt Bhidio no Skype a chur air dhòigh le gach tagraiche.

An dèidh tuilleadh mheasaidh a dhèanamh air na tagraidhean, taghaidh na Craoladairean, far a bheil e iomchaidh, aon (1) bheachd fòrmat, còmhla agus gu h-aon ghuthach, airson tuilleadh leasachaidh.

Cuiridh na Craoladairean fios gu gach tagraiche soirbheachail agus neo-shoirbheachail an dèidh nan tagraidhean air fad a mheasadh.

Bidh co-dhùnaidhean nan Craoladairean a thaobh seo fon ùghdarras aca fhèin agus cha ghabh atharrachadh.

5. Prìomh Teirmean Leasachaidh

Far a bheil beachd airson fòrmat air a chur mar thagradh chun iomairt seo, ach nach tèid a thaghadh airson a leasachadh, thèid na còraichean air fad airson an fhòrmat a ghleidheadh leis a’ chompanaidh riochdachaidh a chuir a’ bheachd a-steach.

Far a bheil beachd fòrmat air a thaghadh airson a leasachadh, thèid iarraidh air an tagraiche a chuir a-steach beachd an fhòrmat (“Leasaiche Fòrmat”) aonta a ruighinn le na Craoladairean a rèir nan teirmean a leanas:

  • • dleastanas air an Leasaiche Fòrmat na stuthan leasachaidh a lìbhrigeadh, a’ gabhail a-steach prògram deuchainn nach eil aig ìre craolaidh, stèidhichte air beachd an fhòrmat (le fo-thiotalan Beurla, far a bheil sin iomchaidh), leabhran fòrmat, òrdugh ruith;
  • • dearbhadh bho gach Craoladair gun cuir iad £5,000 ris (£15,000 gu h-iomlan);
  • • cead às-dùnach do gach Craoladair aon sreath no barrachd a choimiseanadh sa chànan aca fhèin stèidhichte air an fhòrmat fon ùghdarras aca fhèin a-mhàin, gus a’ chraoladh air feadh an t-saoghail gun bhacadh.
  • • mur a bheil mòran eòlais aig an Leasaiche Fòrmat air prògraman a chruthachadh ann an cànan aon dha na Craoladairean eile, faodaidh gach craoladair iarraidh air an Leasaiche Fòrmat am fòrmat a thoirt fo chead do riochdaire ionadail neo-eisimeileach le cìs a phàigheadh airson an fhòrmat. Thèid dreuchd comhairliche a thoirt don Leasaiche Fòrmat leis a’ chompanaidh riochdachaidh iomchaidh air teirmean a thèid an aontachadh leis a’ chraoladair coimiseanaidh.
  • • thèid an còir-dligheach den fhòrmat agus am prògram deuchainn a thoirt do na Craoladairean agus an Leasaiche Fòrmat ann an roinnean co-ionnan;
  • • aontaichidh na buidhnean air fad air an ro-innleachd sgaoilidh as iomchaidh air an fhòrmat mar phàirt de aonta coimiseanaidh;
  • • thèid còir-dligheach de phrògram sam bith a thèid a choimiseanadh le craoladair a thoirt air ais do agus bidh e leis na Craoladairean agus an Leasaiche Fòrmat ann an roinnean co-ionnan mur tig na Craoladairean agus an Leasaiche Fòrmat gu aonta eile; agus
  • • ma thèid beachd fòrmat a thaghadh airson obair leasachaidh ach nach tagh gin dha na Craoladairean sreath a choimiseanadh stèidhichte air an fhòrmat taobh a-staigh 24 mìos de lìbhrigeadh nan stuthan leasachaidh, bidh am pròiseact air a chur ann an ‘turnaround’ agus bidh an Leasaiche Fòrmat airidh air na còraichean airson an fhòrmat air fad a cheannach air ais le bhith a’ pàigheadh air ais an airgead leasachaidh de £15,000.

6. Saorsa Fiosrachaidh agus Tèarainteachd Dàta

Tha na Craoladairean a’ tighinn fo bhuaidh chumhan Achd Saorsa an Fhiosrachaidh 2000 (FOI) agus Achd Saorsa Fiosrachaidh na h-Èirinn 2014 agus dh’fhaodadh gum bi aca ri fiosrachadh ann an conaltradh leotha tro sgrìobhainn fhoillseachadh ann am freagairt ri iarrtas FOI.

Ann a bhith a’ freagairt an sgrìobhainn seo, tha tagraichean a’ toirt cead do na Craoladairean fiosrachadh pearsanta a thèid a thoirt dhaibh a chleachdadh ann an dòigh a tha a rèir Achd Tèarainteachd Dàta 1998 agus a’ dearbhadh gu bheil an tagraiche air na ceadan treas pàrtaidh freagarrach iarraidh airson leigeil do na Craoladairean seo a dhèanamh.

7. Dìomhaireachd

Tha tagraichean ag aontachadh fiosrachadh sam bith a gheibh iad bho na Craoladairean an dàimh ris an iomairt seo a chumail dìomhair. Tha tagraichean ag aontachadh nach cleachd iad am fiosrachadh seo airson adhbhar sam bith ach airson freagairtean ullachadh agus cha toir iad seachad fiosrachadh ach ann an dìomhaireachd agus gu daoine a dh’fheumas am fiosrachadh fhaighinn airson daoine a tha an sàs ann a bhith ag ullachadh fhreagairtean. Chan eil uallaichean dìomhaireachd a buaileadh air sgrìobhainnean a tha mar-thà air am foillseachadh gu poblach aig an àm a tha e air fhoillseachadh no air a sgaoileadh le aon de na Craoladairean.

Tha tagraichean ag aontachadh nach foillsich iad, agus ag aontachadh dèanamh cinnteach nach foillsich an luchd-obrach aca no comhairliche no duine sam bith an sàs ann am freagairtean, fiosrachadh sam bith (a’ gabhail a-steach ach gun a bhith air a chuingealachadh ri fiosan tro làraich meadhanan sòisealta mar Facebook agus Twitter no eile) co-cheangailte ris an iomairt no co-dhùnaidhean nan Craoladairean an dàimh ri eileamaid sam bith den iomairt, mura toir gach Craoladair cead sgrìobhte ro-làimh airson conaltradh den t-seòrsa seo.

8. Neo-aonta

Le bhith a’ cur a-steach tagradh, tha tagraichean a’ dearbhadh gu bheil:

  • 1. Am freagairt fìrinneach agus an dùil a bhith farpaiseach; agus
  • 2. Nach eil an tagraiche air an tagradh a stèidheachadh no atharrachadh le, no fo, no a rèir aonta no ullachadh le neach sam bith eile no air iarraidh le riochdaire sam bith eile sin a dhèanamh.

9. Còraichean an stuth a chuireadh a-steach agus dìoladh

Feumaidh gach tagraiche dèanamh cinnteach gu bheil smachd aca air cead, ainm agus gnothaichean air fad an fhiosrachaidh san tagradh gus am bi e comasach do na Craoladairean cead gun bhacadh fhaotainn agus an fhòrmat a chleachdadh agus prògramadh sam bith stèidhichte air an fhòrmat, le reic no thoirt fo chead, do mheadhanan air fad air feadh an t-saoghail gu buan.

Tha tagraichean ag aontachadh gu bheil Craoladairean a’ sìor leasachadh agus a’ gabhail ri beachdan bho iomadh taobh. Mar sin cha bhi na Craoladairean buailteach do thagraiche a thaobh a bhith a’ cleachdadh stuth nach eil tùsail don tagraiche, nach eil ùr no nuadh no a tha air a bhith air a chur gu neo-eisimeileach gu na Craoladairean no air a bhith air a leasachadh ron seo le neach-obrach bho na Craoladairean no a thèid a thoirt do na Craoladairean sam àm ri teachd le treas phàrtaidh agus cha bhi e mar fhiachan air na Craoladairean dìoladh a thoirt don tagraiche airson a leithid de stuth a chleachdadh.

Ma riochdaicheas Craoladairean no a sgaoileas iad prògram no prògraman telebhisein stèidhichte air an t-aon bheachd choitcheann, cuspair no suidheachadh agus/no aig a bheil an t-aon seata no cùl-eachdraidh ri stuth sam bith eile a chuireadh a-steach leis an tagraiche, cha bhi uallach no buailteachd air na Craoladairean a thaobh an tagraiche airson riochdachadh no sgaoileadh a leithid sin de phrògram(an) ach a mhàin far a bheil na Craoladairean air copaidh a dhèanamh de chur an cèill agus leasachadh a’ bheachd, cuspair no suidheachadh, a’ gabhail a-steach nan caractaran agus an loidhne-stòiridh a tha ann. Leis an tagraiche a bhith a’ cur stuth a-steach chan leigear a leas smaoineachadh gu bheil gin de na Craoladairean ann an suidheachadh eadar-dhealaichte bho bhall sam bith eile den phoball a thaobh an stuth a chaidh a chur a-steach. Mar sin, dh’fhaodadh pàirt sam bith den stuth a dh’fhaodadh a bhith air a chleachdadh gu furasta le ball sam bith den phoball a bhith air a chleachdadh leis na Craoladairean gun dìoladh sam bith a bhith air a thoirt don tagraiche.

Le bhith a’ cur tagradh a-steach, tha na tagraichean ag aontachadh na Craoladairean a dhìoladh, a dhìon, a leigeil ma sgaoil, a leigeil às agus am meas mar a bhith neo-chronail a thaobh agartasan no buailteachdan a tha ag èirigh a-mach à, no a rèir com-pàirteachas an tagraiche san iomairt seo, a’ gabhail a-steach gun crìochan: (a) agartasan airson dochann, call no milleadh de sheòrsa sam bith mar thoradh air com-pàirteachadh an tagraiche san iomairt seo; agus (b) agartasan stèidhichte air còraichean dìomhaireachd, moralta, milleadh cliù, còir-dligheach agus/no briseadh air comharra-malairt a thaobh an tagraidh no a bhith a’ gabhail brath air beachd fòrmat sam bith.

10. Dì-cheadachadh

Tha na Craoladairean a’ gleidheadh dhaibh fèin an cead, len tul-ùghdarras fhèin, dì-cheadachadh a dhèanamh air freagairt sam bith agus/no air Companaidh bhon iomairt seo aig àm sam bith ma bhios:

  • (a) freagairt sam bith nach bi a rèir nan Teirmean Inntrigidh;
  • (b) fiosrachadh sam bith a thèid a thoirt do na Craoladairean nach bi iomlan, no a bhios ceàrr no meallta ann an dòigh sam bith no nach eil a-nis ceart;
  • (c) an tagraiche air obrachadh le neach sam bith eile a rèir no an co-cheangal ris an fhreagairt ris an sgrìobhainn seo; no
  • (d) an tagraiche no na comhairlichean a chuir iad nan àite air oidhirp a dhèanamh buaidh a thoirt air a’ phròiseas seo ann an dòigh mì-iomchaidh sam bith.

Bidh dì-cheadachadh de thagradh sam bith no de chompanaidh sam bith air a dhèanamh gun chlaon-bhreith do chòraichean no fuasglaidhean sam bith eile a bhios aig na Craoladairean.

11. Neo-dhleastanas Cùmhnant a thabhann

Chan eil càil a tha san sgrìobhainn seo ri fhaicinn mar aonta no cùmhnant gus obair leasachaidh a choimiseanadh no prògram a riochdachadh.

Tha na Craoladairean a’ gleidheadh a’ chòir a thighinn a-mach às/no fàgail agus/no am pròiseas seo a chur an dàil aig àm sam bith, gun chùmhnant sam bith a bhuileachadh mar thoradh air a’ phròiseas seo, gus cur-ri, atharrachadh agus/no soilleireachadh teirmean agus cùmhnantan an sgrìobhainn seo.

12. Lagh Riaghlaidh

Tha am pàipear seo fo smachd laghan Shasainn agus a’ Chuimrigh agus tha tagraichean ag aontachadh, le bhith a’ cur fios air ais, a bhith fo uachdaranas cùirtean Sasainn agus a’ Chuimrigh a-mhàin.






Cuairt Coimiseanaidh a’ Gheamhraidh - 2017/18

Ceann-ama mholaidhean airson prògraman – 16 Faoilleach, 2018 aig 1f.
Ceann-latha airson co-dhùnaidhean co-bhanntachd MG ALBA/BBC – 16 Gearran, 2018.

Tha a’ chuairt coimiseanaidh seo ag amas air prògraman airson clàr BBC ALBA bhon Lùnastal 2018 ach dh’fhaodadh iad nochdadh nas tràithe. Bu chòir dha na molaidhean a bhith mothachail air na h-atharrachaidhean a tha air a thighinn air an dòigh anns am bi daoine a’ cleachdadh nam meadhanan, agus, far a bheil e iomchaidh, na dùbhlain a tha an cois a bhith a’ ruighinn luchd-amhairc nas òige.

Thèid gabhail ri tagraidhean airson a bhith ag ath-choimiseanadh prògraman no sreathan a tha ann a cheana.

Chuirear fàilte gu sònraichte air buidseatan co-mhaoinichte, ach nach eil bho bhuidheann craolaidh taobh a-staigh na RA.



Gu coitcheann, tha trì prìomh amannan ann an clàr BBC ALBA tron t-seachdain:

  • 8.30 f – prògraman leth-uair a thìde a tha ag amas air a bhith a’ buntainn ris na coimhearsnachdan sa bheil a’ Ghàidhlig air a bruidhinn agus na nithean sa bheil ùidh aca.
  • 9.00 f – prògraman uair a thìde, feadhainn fhìrinneach is chur-seachad a tha ag amas air luchd-amhairc nàiseanta (aois 40 +).
  • 10.00 f – prògraman leth-uair a thìde, a’ mhòr-chuid cur-seachad, a tha ag amas air luchd-amhairc nas òige air feadh na rìoghachd no prìomh luchd-amhairc.

Bidh a’ chuairt coimiseanaidh seo a’ dèiligeadh gu sònraichte ri prògraman airson nan trì prìomh amannan sin.

Tha BBC ALBA a’ dèiligeadh ris na h-atharrachaidhean a tha air a thighinn air saoghal nam meadhanan, agus air na h-atharrachaidhean a tha air a thighinn a thaobh ciamar agus cuin a bhios luchd-amais ag amharc nam prògraman. Tha sinn an dòchas tuilleadh feum a dhèanamh de na h-ùrlaran didseatach eadar-dhealaichte a tha ann, a’ gabhail a-steach nam meadhanan sòisealta agus ùrlaran co-roinn susbaint, gus a bhith gar cuideachadh ann a bhith a’ frithealadh ar luchd-amais. Chuirear fàilte shònraichte air tagraidhean a nochdas comas dol an sàs le luchd-cleachdaidh nan ùrlaran sin.



Bu chòir do na tagraidhean a dhèanamh soilleir dè am fear de na roinn a tha iad a’ cuimseachadh air sa chuairt seo. Bu chòir dhaibh cuideachd geàrr-chunntas goirid, cruthachail a thoirt seachad, cunntas air a’ phrìomh thàlant air cùl agus air beulaibh a’ chamara, prìs a’ phrògraim agus cuideachd mion-chunntas a thoirt mu chothroman a thaobh nam meadhanan didseatach. Cha bu chòir am fiosrachadh a bhith nas fhaide na aon duilleag A4 gach prògram. Dh’fhaodadh cothrom a bhith ann tuilleadh mìneachaidh a dhèanamh tro agallamhan leis an luchd-tagraidh.

Am prògram: Prògraman fìrinneach sònraichte a tha ag amas air a bhith a’ cruthachadh buaidh mhòr a thaobh an luchd-coimhid agus/no a bhios soirbheachail gu nàiseanta agus eadar-nàiseanta.
A’ chiad àm craolaidh: Là seachdain, 9f
Fòrmat: Prògraman aithriseach singilte de 58-59 mionaid no nas fhaide na sin airson an lìbhrigeadh bhon Fhoghar 2018
Luchd-amhairc: Coitcheann

Am prògram: Prògraman anns a bheil ùidh shònraichte agus luach aig na coimhearsnachdan sa bheil a’ Ghàidhlig air a bruidhinn.
A’ chiad àm craolaidh: 8.30f no 9f
Fòrmat: Prògraman singilte no sreathan goirid de 58-59 mionaid no 29 mionaid gach fear.
Luchd-amhairc: Coimhearsnachdan sa bheil a’ Ghàidhlig air a bruidhinn.

Am prògram: Prògraman a’ comharrachadh an 100mh bliadhna on thachair cùis-mhulaid na h-Iolaire.
A’ chiad àm craolaidh: Grunnan
Fòrmat: A thuilleadh air a bhith a’ foillseachadh nan tachartasan cuimhneachaidh a bhios a’ tachairt ann an coimhearsnachdan, tha BBC ALBA a’ miannachadh prògraman air leth a choimiseanadh a bhios a’ toirt sùil ùr, chruthachail air sgeulachd na h-Iolaire. Bidh fad agus an àm craolaidh a rèir na bhios san tagradh agus chan fheum e a bhith a rèir nam pàtrain craolaidh àbhaisteach.
Luchd-amhairc: Coitcheann


Dreach chinn-latha airson Cuairtean Coimiseanaidh san àm ri teachd

Tha co-bhanntachd MG ALBA/BBC dhan bheachd gum bi dà chuairt coimiseanaidh eile ann tro 2018.

Cuairt Coimiseanaidh Samhraidh – 2018
Dreach cheann-ama mholaidhean airson beachdan phrògraman – 7 Ògmhios, 2018 aig 1f.
Dreach cheann-latha cho-dhùnaidhean bho cho-bhanntachd MG ALBA/BBC 28 Ògmhios, 2018.

Cuairt Coimiseanaidh Geamhraidh – 2018/19
Dreach cheann-ama mholaidhean airson beachdan phrògraman – 15 Faoilleach 2019 aig 1f.
Dreach cheann-latha cho-dhùnaidhean bho cho-bhanntachd MG ALBA/BBC –15 Gearran, 2019.


Bidh fiosrachadh mu na cuairtean coimiseanaidh sin air fhoillseachadh nas fhaisge air na dreach chinn-latha sin.

Bu chòir do thagraidhean co-riochdachaidh a tha a’ sireadh prìomh mhaoineachaidh bho cho-bhanntachd MG ALBA/BBC iarrtas a chur airson maoineachadh tro na cuairtean coimiseanaidh seo. Thèid gabhail ri tagraidhean co-riochdachaidh le prìomh mhaoineachadh on taobh a-muigh aig àm sam bith agus feuchaidh co-bhanntachd MG ALBA/BBC a thighinn air ais le co-dhùnaidhean coimiseanaidh mun deidhinn cho luath ’s a ghabhas.

Gabhaidh co-bhanntachd MG ALBA/BBC ri molaidhean airson prògraman a tha co-cheangailte ri ceann-latha sònraichte eadar na cuairtean àbhaisteach aig àm sam bith agus feuchar ris na co-dhùnaidhean coimiseanaidh a thilleadh cho luath ’s a ghabhas.

Bu chòir na tagraidhean agaibh agus ceistean mu nì sam bith anns a’ chuairt coimiseanaidh seo a chur gu Diorbhail Wentworth, aig Diorbhail.Wentworth@bbc.co.uk




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Airson tuilleadh fiosrachadh mu phrògraman a tha air nochdadh air BBC ALBA rachaibh an seo