Commissioning Round Cuairt Coimiseanaidh

Events Commissioning Round – 2017

Deadline for programme ideas – 18/04/2017
Deadline for MG ALBA/BBC partnership decisions – 28/04/17


This commissioning round will deal specifically with submissions for programming based on two live events, the 13th Belladrum Tartan Heart Festival in 2017 and Hogmanay 2017/18.


Submissions of programme ideas should state which event they refer to in this round. They should include a brief creative summary, details of key talent behind and in front of camera, detail of company live broadcast experience and a budget. They should not exceed three A4 page per programme. Production companies may bid for one or both events. The opportunity to develop these submissions may be given through interviews with applicants.


13th Belladrum Tartan Heart Festival
BBC ALBA wishes to continue its established and fruitful relationship with this Scottish summer festival. Scheduled to take place on the weekend of 3rd – 5th August 2017, we welcome proposals for a package comprising a minimum of 15 hours, with 5.5 hours live coverage and the balance post-event packaged programming, featuring a mix of performances and interviews with premier and emerging talent from the main stage plus one other stage. The content should reflect the energy and atmosphere of the festival. Access and transmission agreements for the event will be negotiated by MG ALBA with the event organisers while the successful production company will be required to contract the individual artists.
Proposals should take into account the opportunities afforded by emerging technologies such as VR, online and through social media to extend the reach and awareness of the BBC ALBA festival coverage.
Audience: 18 +

Ceilidh na Bliadhn’ Uire 2017/18
BBC ALBA’s Hogmanay ceilidh has become an established part of Scotland’s New Year celebrations since the launch of the channel. Rooted in our culture and musical traditions and embracing the wider Scottish experience this show is also broadcast on BBC Radio nan Gaidheal and to a worldwide audience online. This next show will mark the beginning of BBC ALBA’s 10th birthday year. Proposals for a live 2 hour ceilidh to celebrate the New Year and this special milestone are now invited and should indicate the proposed location, musical and presentation talent and budget.
Audience: General

Any questions on anything contained in this commissioning round should be addressed to Fiona Mackenzie, at fiona.mackenzie@mgalba.com.



MG ALBA/MEDIA Pre-alignment Commissioning Round 2017:
Internationalising Gaelic programming

MG ALBA has identified funding opportunities within the MEDIA sub-programme of the Creative Europe funding opportunities and we will consider commissions for each of these opportunities:

MEDIA Programme MEDIA Deadline MG ALBA Deadline
Single Project Development 20 April 2017 - 11:00 10th March 2017 - 00:00
TV Programming 30 May 2017 - 11:00 10th March 2017 - 00:00

The MEDIA sub-programme supports projects that encourage/demonstrate:

  • • high creative value
  • • cross-border potential
  • • co-operation between operators from different countries participating in the MEDIA sub-programme
  • • increased co-production and circulation of high-profile European television drama series
  • • enhanced audience reach based on marketing and distribution strategies envisaged from the development phase



The aim of this commissioning round is to align producer-led projects with the needs of the BBC ALBA schedule in advance of upcoming MEDIA funding rounds in 2017/18. The MG ALBA/BBC partnership are seeking programmes which serve the Gaelic audience or which may attract a strong national audience in Scotland and which most suitably comply with the MEDIA funding framework. There are two broad categories for submission in this pre-alignment commissioning round

  • 1. Development (Single Project)
  • 2. TV programming (Near to Production)

1) Development (Single Project)
One-off creative documentaries (duration of minimum 50 minutes) intended primarily for TV or digital platform exploitation will be accepted.

2) TV Programming (Near to Production)
The programme must be majority produced by companies established in countries participating in the MEDIA sub-programme; with a significant number of cast and crew who are nationals and/or residents of those countries; and at least three broadcasting companies from three countries participating in the MEDIA sub-programme must be committed.

At the time of submission to MEDIA, 50% of the estimated total financing of the production budget must be guaranteed from third party sources (either through direct financing or by advance rights sales) and 50% must come from European sources. Creative TV documentary ideas (minimum 50 minutes duration) will be considered.

Submissions need to be made within six months of production, and production can only last 30 months (extensions granted).



  • 1. Submissions of programme ideas should state which category they refer to in this round, e.g. Development or TV Programming.
  • 2. Submissions should include a brief creative summary, details of key talent behind and in front of camera and a budget. The opportunity to develop these summaries may be given through interviews with applicants.
  • 3. Submissions should include one MEDIA Application form as fully completed as can be at the time of submission to MG ALBA.


  • • MG ALBA will assist companies with the administration of their proposals, requests to kerryanne.macleod@mgalba.com
  • • If the BBC ALBA partners give the green light for commissioning, but MEDIA decline the application, the commission will not receive MG ALBA funding but could be re-submitted through one of BBC ALBA’s seasonal commissioning rounds
  • • For development funding – if the applicant receives a green light from both the BBC ALBA partnership and from MEDIA then the programme can proceed towards production for broadcast on BBC ALBA

Final submissions and any questions and queries regarding the administration of the MEDIA programme and the completion of pro forma MEDIA paperwork should be addressed to Kerry Anne Macleod, at kerryanne.macleod@mgalba.com

Deadline to submit ideas to MG ALBA/BBC partnership – by e-mail only before midnight on 10/03/2017 for Single Project Development and 25/04/17 for TV Programming. Taster showreels


Cuairt Coimiseanaidh Thachartasan 2017

Ceann-là airson beachdan air prògraman – 18/04/2017
Ceann-là airson co-dhùnaidhean co-bhanntachd MG ALBA/BBC – 28/04/17


Bidh a’ chuairt coimiseanaidh seo a’ dèiligeadh gu sònraichte ri tagraidhean airson prògraman stèidhichte air dà thachartas beò, an 13mh Fèis Cridhe Tartain Bhelladrum ann an 2017 agus Oidhche na Bliadhn’ Ùire 2017/18.


Bu chòir do thagraidhean bheachdan airson prògraman ainmeachadh an tachartas a thathar a’ dèiligeadh ris sa chuairt seo. Bu chòir iomradh goirid cruthachail a thoirt, fios mun phrìomh thàlant air beulaibh agus air cùlaibh a’ chamara, eòlas a’ chompanaidh air craoladh beò agus buidseat. Cha bu chòir dhan seo a bhith nas fhaide na trì duilleagan A4 gach prògram. Faodaidh companaidhean riochdachaidh cur airson an dà thachartas no dìreach airson aon. Dh’fhaodadh gun tèid agallamhan a chumail leis an luchd-tagraidh gus na tagraidhean a leasachadh.


13mh Fèis Cridhe Tartain Bhelladrum
Tha BBC ALBA airson leantainn air adhart leis a’ chàirdeas a chaidh a stèidheachadh leis an fhèis shamhraidh Albannaich seo. Tha an fhèis clàraichte airson a bhith a’ gabhail àite air an deireadh sheachdain 3 – 5 Lùnastal 2017, agus tha sinn a’ cur fàilte air molaidhean airson pasgan anns a bheil co-dhiù 15 uair a thìde, le 5.5 uairean beò agus an còrr air ullachadh an dèidh làimh, le measgachadh de thaisbeanaidhean agus agallamhan le sàr thàlant agus tàlant ùr bhon phrìomh stèidse agus bho aon stèidse eile. Bu chòir don t-susbaint a bhith a’ foillseachadh neart agus suidheachadh na fèise. Thèid aontan a thaobh cothrom agus craoladh an cur air dòigh le MG ALBA le luchd-ullachaidh an tachartais ach feumaidh a’ chompanaidh riochdachaidh a bhios soirbheachail cùmhnant a thoirt do na daoine a chleachdas iad.
Bu chòir do thagraidhean a bhith a’ greimeachadh nan cothroman a tha teicneòlas ùr leithid VR, air-loidhne agus tro na meadhanan sòisealta a’ toirt gus ruigse agus mothachadh craoladh fèisean air BBC ALBA a leudachadh.
Luchd-amhairc: 18+

Ceilidh na Bliadhn’ Ùire 2017/18
A-riamh on chaidh an t-seanail a chur air chois tha Cèilidh na Bliadhn’ Ùire air BBC ALBA air a bhith na phàirt mhòr de chomharrachadh na Bliadhn’ Ùir ann an Alba. Stèidhichte air ar cultar agus air ar ceòl agus air cùisean Albannach san fharsaingeachd tha am prògram seo cuideachd air a chraoladh air Radio nan Gàidheal agus gu mòran dhaoine air feadh an t-saoghail air-loidhne. Bidh am prògram seo a’ comharrachadh toiseach tòiseachaidh 10mh bliadhna BBC ALBA. Thathar a-nis a’ sireadh thagraidhean airson cèilidh bheò 2 uair a thìde gus a’ Bhliadhna Ùr agus an ceann-là sònraichte a tha seo a chomharrachadh agus bu chòir làrach an tachartais ainmeachadh, an tàlant ciùil agus luchd-taisbeanaidh agus am buidseat.
Luchd-amhairc: Coitcheann

Bu chòir ceistean mu nì sam bith sa chuairt coimiseanaidh seo a chur gu Fiona NicCoinnich aig fiona.mackenzie@mgalba.com.



Cuairt Coimiseanaidh Ro-aontachaidh MG ALBA/MEDIA 2017:
A’ faighinn prògraman Gàidhlig gu margaidhean Eadar-nàiseanta

Tha MG ALBA air cothroman maoineachaidh a chomharrachadh taobh a-staigh an fho-phrògram MEDIA aig ‘Creative Europe’. Beachdaichidh sinn air coimiseanan airson nan cothroman a leanas:

Prògram MEDIA Ceann-là MEDIA Ceann-là ro-aontachaidh MG ALBA
Leasachadh Pròiseact Singilte 20mh den Ghiblean 2017 - 11:00 10mh den Mhàirt 2017 - 00:00
Prògraman tbh 30mh den Chèitean 2017 - 11:00 10mh den Mhàirt 2017 - 00:00

Tha am fo-phrògram aig MEDIA a’ cur taic ri pròiseactan a tha a’ brosnachadh/a’ comharrachadh:

  • • luach àrd chruthachail & cultarail
  • • cothroman co-obrachaidh thar dhùthchannan
  • • co-obrachadh eadar bhuidhnean à dùthchannan eadar-dhealaichte a tha a’ gabhail pàirt ann am fo-phrògram MEDIA
  • • meudachadh ann an co-riochdachadh agus cuairteachadh de shreath dràma telebhisean Eòrpach aig àrd-ìre
  • • Airson leasachaidh, ruigse luchd-amhairc meudaichte stèidhichte air na thathas a’ sùileachadh bho ro-innleachdan margaidheachd/sgaoilidh



’S e amas na cuairt coimiseanaidh seo, pròiseactan a tha fo stiùir riochdairean a chur a’ rèir feumalachdan clàr-phrògraman BBC ALBA, mus tòisich na cuairtean maoineachaidh MEDIA ann an 2017 (deitichean gu h-àrd). Tha co-bhanntachd MG ALBA/BBC a’ sireadh phrògraman a tha a’ frithealadh an luchd-amhairc le Gàidhlig no a dh’fhaodadh mòran luchd-amhairc a thàladh gu nàiseanta air feadh Alba agus a tha a’ freagairt nas fheàrr air frèam-obrach maoineachaidh MEDIA. Tha dà phrìomh gnè ann airson tagraidhean sa chuairt coimiseanaidh ro-aontachaidh seo

  • 1. Leasachadh (Pròiseact singilte)
  • 2. Prògraman tbh (faisg air Ìre Riochdachaidh)

1) Leasachadh (Pròiseact Singilte)
Gabhar ri prògraman aithris chruthachail (co-dhiù 50 mionaid a dh’fhaid) air a dhèanamh ‘sa chiad dol a-mach airson tbh no airson a chleachdadh air ùrlar didseatach.

2) Prògraman tbh (Faisg air Ìre Riochdachaidh)
Feumaidh am prògram a bhith air a riochdachadh sa mhòr-chuid le companaidhean stèidhichte ann an dùthchannan a tha a’ gabhail pàirt ‘sa fo-phrògram aig MEDIA; le àireamh susbainteach de dhaoine air gach taobh den chamara a tha nan nàiseantaich agus/no a’ còmhnaidh sna dùthchannan sin; agus feumaidh air a’ char as lugha trì companaidhean craolaidh bho thrì dhùthchannan a tha a’ gabhail pàirt san fho-phrògram aig MEDIA a bhith air gealltanas a thoirt seachad. An uair a bhithear a’ cur nan tagraidhean gu MEDIA, feumaidh 50% den ionmhas iomlan tuairmsichte den phròiseact riochdachaidh a bhith barantaichte bho stòran treas-phàrtaidh (tro ionmhas dìreach no tro bhith a’ reic chòraichean ro-làimh) agus feumaidh 50% a thighinn bho stòran Eòrpach.

Gabhaidh MG ALBA ri prògraman aithris cruthachail: 50 mionaid air a’ char as lugha

Feumaidh tagraidhean a bhith air an dèanamh taobh a-staigh sia mìosan den riochdachadh, agus chan fhaod riochdachadh a bhith nas fhaide na 30 mìosan (leudachadh ceadaichte).



  • 1. Bu chòir tagraidhean a bhith soilleir dè a’ phrògram ris a bheil iad a’ sùileachadh – Leasachadh air neo TV Programming
  • 2. Bu chòir gum biodh geàrr-iomradh cruthachail, goirid an cois nan tagraidhean, fiosrachadh mun phrìomh thàlant air cùlaibh agus air beulaibh a’ chamara agus buidseat. Faodaidh cothrom a bhith ann tuilleadh fiosrachaidh a thoirt mu na geàrr-iomraidhean seo tro agallamhan le tagraichean.
  • 3. Bu chòir gum biodh foirm iarrtais MEDIA air a lìonadh a-steach cho coileanta ’s as urrainn airson gach tagradh aig an àm a thèid e a-steach gu MG ALBA.


  • • Bheir MG ALBA taic do chompanaidhean le rianachd an cuid tagraidhean (fios gu kerryanne.macleod@mgalba.com)
  • • Ma bheir com-pàirtichean BBC ALBA seachad cead airson coimiseanadh, ach gun diùlt MEDIA an t-iarrtas, chan fhaigh an t-iarrtas maoineachadh bho MG ALBA ach tha cothrom ann ath-thagradh a dhèanamh air tro fhear de chuairtean coimiseanaidh ràitheil BBC ALBA
  • • Airson maoineachadh leasachaidh – ma gheibh an tagraiche cead bho gach cuid com-pàirtichean BBC ALBA agus bho MEDIA, faodaidh am prògram a dhol air adhart gu ruige riochdachadh airson craoladh air BBC ALBA

Bu chòir tagraidhean deireannach agus ceistean co-cheangailte ri rianachd prògram MEDIA agus mu bhith a’ lìonadh obair-phàipeir MEDIA a dhol gu ruige Kerry Anne Macleod, air kerryanne.macleod@mgalba.com

Ceann-là airson tagraidhean gu co-bhanntachd MG ALBA/BBC – air post-dealain a-mhàin ro mheadhan oidhche, air an 10mh den Mhàirt 2017 airson Leasachadh Pròiseact Singilte agus Prògraman Tbh. Thèid gabhail ri mìrean bhidio a bheir blasad den phrògram.




BBC ALBA Past Productions Prògraman BBC ALBA

Follow this link for a complete list of all the programmes that have been broadcast on BBC ALBA.

Airson tuilleadh fiosrachadh mu phrògraman a tha air nochdadh air BBC ALBA rachaibh an seo