Commissioning Round Cuairt Coimiseanaidh


BBC ALBA – Winter Commissioning Round – 2019

BBC ALBA is a BBC licensed television service managed in partnership by MG ALBA and the BBC. The channel is a mirror for the Gaelic community in all its diversity, and has the potential to enrich the life of society through the unique perspective of its content, making Gaelic useful for different communities of interest across Scotland. Partnership-working is in our DNA so we welcome proposals seeking co-funding.

Short Form

As well as our regular television commissioning round we are also opening a commissioning round for short-form content specifically for online distribution through social-media. For more information watch this Facebook video



Deadline for programme and short form ideas – Friday the 11th of January at 1pm.

Deadline for MG ALBA/BBC partnership decisions – Friday 15th February at 5pm.



In the ten years since BBC ALBA was launched, audience behaviours have changed a great deal. When and where they view programmes as well as the technology they use to do so. However some things don’t change. Powerful, compelling stories, told with warmth and a distinctive voice, sometimes challenging, sometimes humorous, but always authentic, remain a constant for the audience. Something they want to talk about and share with their friends.

BBC ALBA is a contemporary, forward-looking channel. We want to harness the potential of the changing media environment as well as adapting to the challenges it brings.

When preparing your submission it might be worth considering the following:-

  • • Does this proposal reflect the real world?
  • • Is it innovative? What’s new about it whether in terms of the story, style, format, content, talent or use of technology?
  • • Is it a compelling story? Will it engage people’s emotions, provoke discussion and is there enough substance in it to sustain a whole programme?
  • • Will it take the audience to places and situations which they might not otherwise encounter?
  • • Is the proposed duration, talent and format the best fit for the target audience and the story?
  • • How will it enhance the BBC ALBA offer?
  • • Does it have co-financing potential either in the UK or internationally and have you explored these?
  • • What potential is there for the story to have a life or be promoted on other digital platforms as well as television?



These are our priorities for this commissioning round, however we’re always open to passionately presented ideas which are time-sensitive and which may not fit these categories:-

1. Strong, compelling stories primarily for the Autumn 2019 schedule, with the potential to create substantial popular impact or critical impact, or even both together. Feature length factual ideas are welcome. Recent examples include programmes such as, Gaol is Call: Labour of Love, Tommy Burns, Call air Cladach Ìle, Sùlasgeir.

2. Programmes of special interest and value for the Gaelic-speaking community, reflecting and offering fresh insights into contemporary life and which have a cross-generational appeal. Recent examples include: An t-Eilean: from Skye with Love, Am Fear-Cinnidh Òg.

3. Programmes or series that will resonate with a younger audience (16 – 34), reflecting their interests as well as telling their stories. Proposals should demonstrate how the story and the way in which it is told, the genre, and the associated talent will capture the imagination of young people. Priority will be given to ideas that demonstrate how they can be used on BBC ALBA’s different platforms.

All proposals should take the following into account:-

  • • A note of the category in this round to which they refer.
  • • A brief creative summary, details of key talent behind and in front of camera, programme price and should also detail digital media opportunities. They should not exceed one A4 page per programme.
  • • We also want to see that you have thought about how the programme can be promoted be that through the press, social-media or other broadcast outlets.
  • • We’re happy to receive programme tasters but they are not essential. The opportunity to develop your submitted proposal through an interview may be given.
  • • Priority will be given to ideas that take into consideration further funding such as, but not limited to:



Co-production ideas seeking lead funding from the MG ALBA/BBC partnership should apply for funding through these seasonal commissioning rounds. Co-production ideas with external lead funding are acceptable at any time and the MG ALBA/BBC partnership will endeavour to return commissioning decisions on them without undue delay.

The MG ALBA/BBC partnership will accept ‘time-perishable’ programme ideas at any time and endeavour to return commissioning decisions on them without undue delay.




BBC ALBA is currently seeking short-form video content for distribution primarily on our social-media platforms. We want to use these platforms to feature voices, stories and experiences, produced in a variety of formats. We are particularly interested in engaging young people and developing new talent.

To begin we’d like to suggest two themes:-

a) My world, my doorstep
What does your world look like? What’s setting your teeth one edge or putting a smile on your face. What’s going on with you that you’d love to share with others?

b) Make me smile
Who doesn’t need a laugh every now again? Do you have an idea which will spread the joy? Let’s hear it.

Useful information

We’re looking for stories and ideas which will get people talking and sharing with their friends. In terms of time we’re thinking of times of up to 3 mins duration. It is short-form but we’re open to ideas adopting different formats and presentation styles.

If your proposal is successful we will give you production advice and support if you need it, as well as delivery details.
Budget: up to £500 per video.



Final submissions and any questions on anything contained in this Winter Commissiong Round – 2019 should be addressed to Diorbhail Wentworth :- diorbhail.wentworth@bbc.co.uk




2019 EBU (European Broadcasting Union) children’s short drama scheme

BBC ALBA are looking for vibrant, compelling ideas from Gaelic writers for the 2019 EBU (European Broadcasting Union) children’s short drama scheme.

  • • Theme: “Tell Me a Secret” 
  • • Broadcast duration: 15 minutes 
  • • Target audience: 6-9 year olds 
  • • Casting: child actor/s at the heart of the story  
  • • Style: cinematic with minimal dialogue 
  • • Rights to writers’ ideas need to be freely available to be purchased by MG ALBA or an independent production company 
  • • Format: idea to be submitted in an outline form (not a full script), max 2 pages 
  • Deadline: 16/11/2018

The EBU has its own Exec Producer that works alongside the writers and Channel Execs in each territory. BBC ALBA will also have an Exec Producer.

Further information on the scheme and examples of dramas and scripts from previous years are available.

If you have any questions please contact me direct at bill.macleod@mgalba.com or on 07900 217 302 for further information.



BBC ALBA Cuairt Coimiseanaidh Geamhraidh – 2019

Is e seirbheis telebhisein le cead bhon BhBC a th’ ann am BBC ALBA a tha air a rianachd ann an co-bhanntachd le MG ALBA agus am BBC. Tha BBC ALBA a’ taisbeanadh an t-saoghail bho starsaich Ghàidhealach do dhaoine le Gàidhlig aig gach ìre is comas ann an Alba agus cuideachd a’ dèanamh an t-sianal agus na Gàidhlig feumail do luchd-amhairc farsaing is diofraichte, le prògraman a tha mar sgàthan air na coimhearsnachdan is na coimhearsnachdan-ùidh air feadh Alba air fad. Le co-obrachadh nar smior, cuiridh sinn fàilte air tagraidhean a tha a’ sireadh co-mhaoineachaidh airson an toirt gu buil.

Na meadhanan sòisealta: irisean goirid

Tha sinn cuideachd a’ frithealadh cuairt coimiseanaidh a dh’aona ghnothaich airson bhidiothan goirid a b’ urrainn a chleachdadh air na meadhanan sòisealta againn. Airson fiosrachaidh an seo air bhideo Facebook



Ceann-ama mholaidhean airson prògraman agus irisean goirid – Dihaoine 11mh Faoilleach, 2019, 1f.
Ceann-latha airson co-dhùnaidhean MG ALBA/BBC – Dihaoine 15mh Gearran 2019, 5f.



Anns an deich bliadhna bho thòisich BBC ALBA tha atharrachadh mòr air tighinn air cleachdaidhean luchd-amhairc, cuin is càite a bheil iad a’ coimhead agus cuideachd, ciamar? Ach an uair a thig e gu carson a tha iad a’ coimhead, tha sin nas stèidhichte. Tha sgeulachdan cumhachdach a tha a’ faireachdainn fìor do am beatha, agus cuideachd stòiridhean trom is aotrom le blàths is blas, is urrainn daoine a mholadh ga chèile, fhathast bunaiteach.

Buinidh BBC ALBA don là an-diugh agus don là a-màireach. Tha sinn airson brath a ghabhail air na cothroman a tha a’ tighinn an cois a’ chruth-atharrachaidh a tha a’ tighinn air craoladh agus airson a bhith deiseil mu choinneamh nan dùbhlan cuideachd.

Is fhiach smaoineachadh air na nithean seo ann a bhith a’ cruthachadh thagradh: -

  • • A bheil am beachd seo a’ toirt sealladh air an t-saoghal mar a tha e?
  • • Dè a tha ùr ann? A bheil e ùr-ghnathasach a thaobh lìbhrigidh, cumaidh, tàlaint, teicneòlais no an taobh bho bheil an sgeulachd ga h-innse?
  • • An gabh an sgeulachd grèim air daoine, a’ dùsgadh co-fhaireachdainn air neo deasbad, agus a bheil susbaint innte a chumas aire dhaoine fad a’ phrògraim?
  • • An toir e uinneag do dhaoine air suidheachaidhean air neo àiteachan nach fhaiceadh iad gu h-àbhaisteach?
  • • A bheil an cumadh a thaobh faid, tàlaint, dòigh lìbhrigidh, a’ freagairt air an luchd-amhairc agus an sgeulachd?
  • • Dè a tha e a’ cur ri farsaingeachd an deilbh a tha ri fhaicinn anns an sgàthan aig BBC ALBA?
  • • A bheil cothrom an cois na sgeòil airson co-mhaoineachadh a shireadh bho bhuidhnean ann am Breatainn air neo thall thairis mu choinneamh a’ phròiseict?
  • • Dè na cothroman a th’ ann dreach a chur air an sgeulachd airson a h-innse no a’ phutadh air ùrlaran didseatach cho math ri telebhisean?



Seo na prìomhachasan airson a’ chuairt seo, ach ma tha thu air do bheò-ghlacadh le sgeulachd a dh’fheumas a h-innse gun dàil is nach eil a’ tighinn orra seo, seallaidh sinn ri sin cuideachd: -

1. Sgeulachdan làidir airson clàr an fhoghair 2019, a tharraingeas aire gu nàiseanta agus a thèid a mholadh. Chunnacas seo bho chionn ghoirid le prògraman mar Gaol is Call: Labour of Love, Tommy Burns, Call air Cladach Ìle, Sùlasgeir.

2. Prògraman anns am bi ùidh shònraichte no ionadail do choimhearsnachdan na Gàidhlig. Bidh iad mar sgàthan air beatha dhaoine anns an là a th’ ann air neo a’ toirt sealladh às ùr dhuinn air sin, le tarraing annta airson diofar aoisean. Chunnacas seo bho chionn ghoirid le prògraman mar An t-Eilean: from Skye with Love, Am Fear-Cinnidh Òg.

3. Prògraman air neo sreathan a bhios tarraingeach do dhaoine òga (16–34).

’S e a tha cudromach an seo gu bheil na tagraidhean a’ taisbeanadh ciamar a tha an sgeulachd fhèin, gnè a’ phrògraim, an dòigh lìbhrigidh agus an tàlant a’ dol a ghlacadh aire agus ùidh na buidhne seo. Bu chòir a bhith soilleir a thaobh ciamar as fhèarr as urrainn na diofar mheadhanan anns a bheil BBC ALBA an sàs a chleachdadh airson na h-amasan a choileanadh.

Cuimhnich gun tèid dèiligeadh ris na leanas san tagradh:-

  • • Ainmich dè an roinn anns a’ chuairt seo ris a bheil an tagradh a’ dèiligeadh.
  • • Thoir dhuinn iomradh goirid cruthachail le fios mun phrìomh thàlant air beulaibh agus air cùlaibh a’ chamara agus cuideachd am buidseat a tha ann. Cha bu chòir dhan seo a bhith nas fhaide na aon duilleag A4 gach prògram.
  • • Bidh sinn cuideachd a’ coimhead airson dearbhadh gu bheil an riochdaire air smaoineachadh air mar a thogadh iad ùidh luchd-amhairc anns a’ phrògram tro phàipearan-naidheachd, na meadhan sòisealta agus meadhanan craolaidh eile.
  • • Cuiridh sinn fàilte air blas de na prògraman ged nach eil seo riatanach.
  • • Dh’fhaodadh gun tèid agallamhan a chumail leis an luchd-tagraidh gus na tagraidhean a leasachadh.
  • • Thèid prìomhachas a thoirt do thagraidhean a tha a’ toirt feart air cothroman airson maoineachadh a bharrachd leithid, ach chan e a-mhàin, iad seo:



Bu chòir do thagraidhean co-riochdachaidh a tha a’ sireadh prìomh mhaoineachaidh bho cho-bhanntachd MG ALBA/BBC iarrtas a chur airson maoineachadh tro na cuairtean coimiseanaidh seo. Thèid gabhail ri tagraidhean co-riochdachaidh le prìomh mhaoineachadh on taobh a-muigh aig àm sam bith agus feuchaidh co-bhanntachd MG ALBA/BBC a thighinn air ais le co-dhùnaidhean coimiseanaidh mun deidhinn cho luath ’s a ghabhas.

Gabhaidh co-bhanntachd MG ALBA/BBC ri molaidhean airson prògraman a tha co-cheangailte ri ceann-latha sònraichte eadar na cuairtean àbhaisteach aig àm sam bith agus feuchar ris na co-dhùnaidhean coimiseanaidh a thilleadh cho luath ’s a ghabhas.




Tha BBC ALBA a’ coimhead airson bhidiothan goirid a b’ urrainn a chleachdadh air na meadhanan sòisealta againn. Tha sinn airson tuilleadh ghuthan, sheallaidhean agus chuspairean a rannsachadh ann an cruthan eadar-dhealaichte, le bhith a’ dèanamh tuilleadh feum de na duilleagan againn. Tha sinn gu sònraichte a’ coimhead airson stuthan a dhèanamh a tha freagarrach do dhaoine òga agus tàlant ùr a nì sin.

Tha dà raon gu h-àraidh anns a bheil uidh againn an-dràsta: -

a) Sealladh bho do shaoghal fhèin
Dè a th’ air d’ aire agus dè mar a tha do shaoghal? Dè a tha ga do shàrachadh, dè a tha a’ toirt togail dhut, dè an t-èolas a lùigeadh tu a thoirt seachad gu tuilleadh dhaoine?

b) Tog m’ inntinn
Is fheàirrde duine gàire agus tha fios gu bheil feum againn uile air rudan a thogas ar n-inntinn.  Bheil beachd agadsa a nì an leithid?

Fiosrachadh feumail

Tha sinn a’ coimhead airson sgeulachdan a chuireas daoine a chòmhradh, an seòrsa stuth a bhiodh tu airson a chur gu do charaidean fhèin, agus cha bhiodh sinn airson gum biodh e nas fhaide na 3 mionaidean. ’S e a tha a dhìth an-dràsta ach cumadh goirid, agus dh’fhaodar farsaingeachd de chuspairean agus stoidhlichean aithris a chleachdadh.

Ma thaghas sinn am beachd agadsa bheir sinn comhairle agus cuideachadh dhut ma tha e a dhìth, agus leigidh sinn fios air mar a bu chòir a chur thugainn.
Buidseat - suas gu £500 gach bhidio



Bu chòir na tagraidhean agaibh agus ceistean mu nì sam bith anns a’ chuairt coimiseanaidh seo a chur gu Diorbhail Wentworth, aig diorbhail.wentworth@bbc.co.uk





Sgeama geàrr-dhràma cloinne an Aonadh Craolaidh Eòrpach (EBU) 2019

Tha BBC ALBA a’ sireadh smuaintean cruthachail is inntinneach bho sgrìobhadairean Gàidhlig airson sgeama geàrr-dhràma cloinne an Aonadh Craolaidh Eòrpach (EBU) 2019.

  • • Cuspair: “Innis dhomh rùn-dìomhair” 
  • • Fad craolaidh: 15 mionaidean
  • • Luchd-amais: clann eadar 6-9 bliadhna a dh’aois 
  • • Sgioba-cluiche: clann aig cridhe an dràma 
  • • Stoidhle: dathach, tarraingeach le nas lugha de chòmhradh ’s a ghabhas
  • • Feumaidh còraichean co-cheangailte ri beachdan sgrìobhadairean a bhith fosgailte dha MG ALBA no companaidh neo-eisimeileach airson an ceannach
  • • Cruth: feumar am beachd a chuir a-steach ann an cruth ghoirid (chan e an sgriobt air fad), dà dhuilleag aig a’ char as fhaide 
  • Ceann-latha: 16/11/2018

Bidh Àrd-Riochdaire fhèin aig an EBU a bhios ag obair le na sgrìobhadairean agus ceannard na seanailean anns gach dùthaich. Bidh cuideachd Àrd-Riochdaire aig BBC ALBA.

Tha barrachd fiosrachaidh mun sgeama agus eisimpleirean de filmichean agus sgriobtaichean bho bhliadhnaichean eile ri faotainn.

Ma tha fiosrachadh eile a dhìth an-dràsta cuir fios thugam aig bill.macleod@mgalba.com no air 07900 217 302.








BBC ALBA Past Productions Prògraman BBC ALBA

Follow this link for a complete list of all the programmes that have been broadcast on BBC ALBA.

Airson tuilleadh fiosrachadh mu phrògraman a tha air nochdadh air BBC ALBA rachaibh an seo