Volume Supply Commissioning Round Frequently Asked Questions Ceistean Cumanta mu Cuairt Coimiseanaidh nam Pasgan

  • 1. Does each individual volume supply strand require to be produced by one company or can each individual strand be broken up and allocated to more than one company?
    • Given that the objective is to deliver efficiencies from volume production it would be preferable for each individual volume supply strand to be produced by a single supply bid.
      It is, however, possible to apply for less than the fixed price for each strand and some strands may be commissioned from more than one supplier, provided that volume efficiencies can be achieved.

  • 2. Why is Sport not set out as a programme package within the commissioning round?
    • The supply of Sport will be dealt with by the partnership outside the timeframe of this commissioning process.

  • 3. Are there co-production and co-funding opportunities with different funding sources which could be used to access some programme packages?
    • Yes, the partnership would welcome opportunities for co-produced or co-funded volume production proposals.

  • 4. Do you require information such as company information and business plans etc. to be included within a volume supply submission?
    • Yes, we require company information. We suggest the following: training plans, talent development plans, company Gaelic policy; company structure, future plans, business models, succession planning. Note that business plans do not need to be overly detailed as long as they clearly show strategic direction. We do not require detailed financial projections.

  • 5. Is there guidance on cost per hour?
    • Cost per hour is one of the six published criteria in the volume supply commissioning round, but we are not able to stipulate any cost per hour information.

  • 6. Is there a minimum number of hours that is acceptable within a volume supply submission?
    • No minimum level of hours has been set, but producers should ensure that volume efficiencies can be delivered at the proposed hourage.

  • 7. How much detail do you require about proposed programming for each year covered by the volume agreement?
    • Proposed programming for year 1 should be presented in good detail with programming / series synopses and key talent identified. Proposed programming for years 2, 3 & 4 does not require to be as detailed as year 1 but should still clearly demonstrate that there is a sufficient quantity of programme ideas to maintain the programme supply for the full four year period.

  • 8. Is it possible for two companies to submit a joint volume supply submission?
    • Yes, it is possible for two companies to submit a joint submission. Any contract would be between MG ALBA and the two companies acting, for example, in partnership or as a joint venture. MG ALBA would not contract separately with the two companies.

  • 9. Is it possible to announce the outcome of the volume supply commissioning round earlier than the published date of 31 March 2017?
    • We cannot confirm this at the moment but we will aim to do what we can in the interests of the schedule.

  • 10. For the Factual Acquired strand are programmes intended to be reversioned or revoiced/dubbed?
    • For the Factual Acquired strand we intend that programmes will be re-voiced/dubbed into Gaelic.

  • 11. Is it specifically documentaries that are required for the Factual Acquired strand?
    • No, the Factual Acquired strand can be broader than just documentaries. It could also include, for example, observational documentaries, biographies and other factual programming.

  • 12. For Dubbed Animation will MG ALBA have programmes in place that are ready for dubbing from the proposed contract start date on 1 July 2017?
    • Yes, MG ALBA will have acquired animation programming that will be ready for dubbing from 1 July 2017.

  • 13. Will the duration for Dubbed Animation be calculated based on slot length or actual minutage?
    • How to measure durations of acquired animation on BBC ALBA:

      Actual Programme Duration Slot duration
      11 mins to 15 mins 15 mins
      20 mins to 30 mins 30 mins
      46 mins to 60 mins 60 mins
      All other durations As per actual programme duration

  • 14. Can a company submit bids for existing series or formats that are produced by other companies?
    • Companies may have format rights over certain existing brands but general subject matter and areas of interest would not be governed by format rights.

  • 15. Can producers submit bids for radio programme ideas within the volume supply commissioning round?
    • No, it is a BBC ALBA commissioning round that does not include Radio nan Gaidheal, but, as specified in the tender document, any tie-ins (web/social/radio) can be included.

  • 16. Can producers submit programme ideas for non-standard slots in the volume supply commissioning round?
    • Producers can only bid for the slots as specified in the tender document for this volume supply commissioning round.

  • 17. Can programme series’ submitted be both standalone and suitable for returning series?
    • Yes, both options can be submitted, standalone series’ and returning series’.

  • 18. Can companies submit programme ideas into both volume supply commissioning rounds and seasonal commissioning rounds?
    • Yes, companies can submit programme ideas into both volume supply commissioning rounds and seasonal commissioning rounds.

  • 19. How many programmes are sought for each strand?
    • We cannot specify how many programmes should be submitted for each strand as this is entirely at the discretion of each company.

  • 20. Is it possible for companies who have historically produced programming in certain genres to bid for other genres listed in the tender document?
    • Yes, all programme strands are open to bids from suitable independent production companies.

  • 21. Is it possible to break down strands and apply for less than the total price specified?
    • It is possible to apply for less than the fixed price for each strand and some strands may be commissioned from more than one supplier, provided that volume efficiencies can be achieved.

  • 22. Is there a weighting system for the criteria listed in the tender document?
    • No, there is no formal weighting applied to the criteria listed in the tender document but it should be noted that creative and editorial aspects will be of prime importance.

  • 23. What types of programmes do you envisage in the Factual Entertainment and Music Entertainment strands?
    • We are unable to specify programme types but the Factual Entertainment strand is wide-ranging. Music entertainment means “built” music shows as opposed to the filming of third-party music events.

  • 24. Why does it say in the volume supply commissioning tender document that “not all programme strands will be commissioned?”
    • MG ALBA's spend per annum of no more than £3m, as published in the tender document, means that it may not be possible to commission all the strands listed.

  • 25. Do you require individual budgets for each programme within a volume supply submission?
    • No, it is not necessary to provide a budget for individual programmes within a volume supply submission.

  • 26. Will any additional funding secured by MG ALBA be added to the volume supply commissioning round?
    • No, any additional funding will go to other areas such as seasonal commissioning rounds.

  • 27. What level of Gaelic language would you expect for programmes intended for the Scotland-wide audience?
    • There are Gaelic language guidelines on our website http://www.mgalba.com/about/corporate/publications.html?lang=en

  • 28. What level of Gaelic speaking personnel should be involved in the production of volume supply programmes?
    • It should be noted that ‘Company Policy towards the maintenance of the Gaelic language in Scotland’ is one of the criteria stated in the volume supply commissioning round.

  • 29. Is it possible for a volume supply submission to include programming which would be contingent on securing third party finance?
    • The core submission should not be contingent on securing third party finance but consideration of opportunities for co-finance or co-production would be welcomed.

  • 30. Should any co-finance that is secured be applied towards enhancing programme quality or generating additional hourage?
    • Co-finance can be applied to either programme enhancement or generation of additional hourage, or indeed a mixture of both elements.

  • 31. Would you consider funding from non-broadcast commercial sources as an acceptable source of third party finance for volume supply programming?
    • Yes, this would be considered provided that it did not breach any BBC guidelines regarding external funding.

  • 32. When will companies hear from MG ALBA post-submission?
    • As soon as possible after the closing date we will be contacting suppliers regarding the next steps in the process.

  • 33. Does MG ALBA envisage the development of a small number of larger independent companies or a broad spread of smaller scale companies from the volume supply commissioning round?
    • MG ALBA wishes to develop the independent sector in general and for the purposes of volume supply commissioning it is the quality of the creative proposition and the ability to deliver that is key, rather than the scale of the independent company.

  • 34. Should Training plans be included in the volume supply submissions and if so what main training aims do MG ALBA currently expect from producers?
    • Yes, Training & Development plans should be included. Training aims are very broad but currently include Gaelic Language Skills and Craft Skills such as self-shoot directing.

  • 35. Is there data available regarding what programmes have proved successful in attracting female viewers to BBC ALBA?
    • We do not have such information in a form readily available for release. There is general information publically available from various sources on the types of programming that has been broadcast on BBC ALBA.

  • 36. What genres have been successful in attracting co-finance for BBC ALBA?
    • Over recent years the genres of Music and Factual have been successful in attracting co-finance for BBC ALBA.

  • 1. Am feum gach gnè fa leth a bhith air a lìbhrigeadh le aona chompanaidh, no am faod aona ghnè a bhith air a bhriseadh suas agus air a thoirt do bharrachd air aona chompanaidh?
    • Leis gur e an t-amas a bhith a’ cruthachadh an luach as fheàrr taobh a-staigh pasgain, bhiodh e na b’ fheàrr nam biodh gach gnè air a lìbhrigeadh tro aona tagradh solair.
      Ach tha e comasach tagradh aig prìs nas lugha a chur a-steach mu choinneamh gach gnè, agus bhiodh e comasach cuid de na gnèithean a choimiseanadh bho bharrachd air aon neach-solair, fhad ’s a rachadh an luach as fheàrr a thaobh sàbhalaidhean pasgain a choileanadh.

  • 2. Carson nach eil Spòrs an lùib a’ chuairt choimiseanaidh seo?
    • Dèiligidh a’ cho-bhanntachd ri Spòrs taobh a-muigh clàr-ama a’ chuairt choimiseanaidh seo

  • 3. A bheil cothroman co-riochdachaidh is co-mhaoineachaidh ann le tobraichean maoin eile, a dh’fhaodadh a bhith air an cleachdadh airson cuid de ghnèithean?
    • Tha. Chuireadh a’ cho-bhanntachd fàilte air beachdan airson co-riochdachadh no co-mhaoineachadh taobh a-staigh tagradh pasgain.

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