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7 September 2016


BBC ALBA has unveiled its new schedule of programmes for Autumn 2016, featuring entertainment, factual and current affairs programmes plus music, children’s shows, sport, live events and new drama from Bannan.

Agnes Johnstone, wife of Scotland and Celtic legend Jimmy Johnstone, and much-loved Gaelic broadcaster, Cathy MacDonald, were among the attendees at the launch event held today (Wednesday 7 September) at BBC Pacific Quay, Glasgow, which was hosted by popular BBC ALBA presenter Fiona MacKenzie.

A wide range of exciting new commissions will be brought to the screen complementing the channel’s popular factual documentary series Trusadh, hard hitting current affairs series, Eòrpa, music series Seirm and kids’ favourite, Dè a-nis?.

Some of the new programmes featuring in the autumn line-up include:

Home from Home, a poignant documentary following some of the children and families who attend Scotland’s two children’s hospices, Rachel and Robin Houses. One of their visitors is five-year-old Eilidh from Alloa, who has a life-shortening illness – Chronic Intestinal Pseudo Obstruction with intestinal failure. Eilidh was referred to the children’s hospice Robin House in Balloch when she was only two years old. Eilidh and her whole family love it at Robin House and all go there around four times a year for respite care.

Hamish, a compelling and heartfelt tribute to the leading poet, intellectual and songwriter Hamish Henderson which has been co-funded by Creative Scotland. Scottish filmmaker, Robbie Fraser, directed the film which provides an insight into Henderson’s journey from orphan to cultural hero - as well as being cited as the catalyst for the folk revival in Scotland.

Folk-singer, musician and writer, Steve Byrne, who has been published in two volumes of the life and work of Hamish Henderson, was in attendance to perform one of Henderson’s best known songs ‘Freedom Come all Ye’.

For sporting viewers, Jimmy ‘Jinky’ Johnstone, a feature length personal profile of the legendary Scotland and Celtic football player which includes tributes from his wife, children, friends and fellow team mates.

Sàr-sgeoil / Outlander explores the locations across Scotland which are the backdrop for the Outlander novels and the popular TV drama. Cathy MacDonald meets Diana Gabaldon, the multi-million-selling author of the Outlander novels, to understand how Scottish history provided the inspiration for the chronicles and travels to some of the locations that are attracting Outlander fans from across the globe.

Musician Dougie MacLean was also present to highlight BBC ALBA’s music offerings including the return of the popular Perthshire Amber series. Dougie MacLean developed the Perthshire Amber Festival as a way to share his inspiring music as well as to celebrate the history and culture of his Perthshire home, and BBC ALBA will be bringing viewers highlights from the festival.

BBC ALBA’s original Gaelic drama Bannan will return in the autumn with its third series and filming in Skye for the fourth series already underway.

The channel also welcomes two new presenters, Kim Carnie (age 22 from Oban) and Mark Smith (age 19 from Shawbost, Lewis) who will be making their debut when they join the team on the ever-popular children’s programme Dè a-nis?, now in its 24th series.

Margaret Mary Murray, Head of Service for BBC ALBA, said: “We hope our new schedule will surprise and delight viewers of all ages across Scotland with the range and quality of new programmes from drama to factual documentary, sport, music and children’s delivered by some of the best programme producers and finest independent companies in Scotland.”

Among the highlights for this season are:


  • • Jimmy ‘Jinky’ Johnstone - feature length personal profile of Jimmy Johnstone, the legendary Scotland and Celtic football player, including tributes from his wife and children, friends and fellow players. Jimmy’s stellar performances on the field were in contrast to his personal battles later in life with alcohol and then motor neurone disease which resulted in his death in 2006 aged just 61.
  • • Trusadh – Biadh gu Beatha / Food for Life - the Munro family from Skye take up the challenge of changing their diet to healthier options and seeing how this affects their daily lives.
  • • Breathless: Living with Cystic Fibrosis – a poignant medical documentary following a number of people who live with cystic fibrosis and how they cope with the invasive treatment regime required to live as normal a life as they can.
  • • Dualchas a’ Chaisteil / The Castle – a six-part series following the journey of the derelict Victorian landmark, Lews Castle, as it is transformed against all odds from semi-ruin to multi-million pound heritage and hospitality centre.
  • • Trusadh - An Turas Chun Ear: Manus ‘s Daibhidh / The Trip East: Magnus & Daibhidh – is the intrepid story following two friends cycling through Laos and Tibet. Conquering icy roads and snow at 5,000 metres above sea level followed by jungle areas with temperatures of 40 degrees C in some of the most remote regions of China, the friends experience adversity and human kindness on the trip of a lifetime.
  • • Aghaidh ri Aghaidh / Face to Face – Jobs v Gates – Bill Gates and Steve Jobs dominated the computing industry in a period of massive commercialisation and consumerisation which changed the vast majority of industries forever. Their lives were inextricably linked and possibly the most high-profile rivalry ever seen in any industry.


  • • Seirm returns for a second series and covers live performances recorded in Hillhead Book Club offering an eclectic mix of traditional and folk music.
  • • Na Worlds 2016 - highlights of the World Pipe Band Championships 2016 from Glasgow Green.
  • • Scottish Traditional Music Awards 2016/Na Trads – live coverage from Dundee’s Caird Hall.
  • • Ceolmhor@Piping Live – celebrating the best of the Piping Live! Festival 2016 featuring an array of international and national pipers.


  • • Live coverage of the SPFL Championship and Challenge Cup as well as extended highlights of SPFL Premiership football.
  • • Live PRO12 rugby.
  • • Live coverage of Scotland Women’s Euro 2017 qualifying matches.


  • • BBC ALBA’s popular drama series, Bannan, returns for its third series. Filmed on the Isle of Skye, Bannan is produced by Chris Young, producer of The Inbetweeners, and directed by Tony Kearney. The series tells the story of Màiri MacDonald’s return to the island home she deserted eight years ago and how family and community ties (in Gaelic these are ‘Bannan’) draw her back to the island.


  • Floogals – animation following the adventures of three exuberantly inquisitive aliens exploring Planet Earth. Every day an exciting mission of experimentation, learning, and discovery awaits Captain Fleeker, First Officer Flo, and Junior Boomer as they explore the human way of life.
  • Alpha & Omega - Family Vacation is the fourth film in the Alpha & Omega series featuring the wolf mum and dad and their frisky wolf cubs: Smokey, Claudette and Runt.
  • Dè a-nis? (What Now?) celebrates its 24th series with the addition of two new presenters, Kim Carnie and Mark Smith. This series retains the much loved features including the kids’ space hopper races and wacky ‘experts’ but also has new topics for exploration – from Shakespeare to sand sculptures.

BBC ALBA is delivered through the partnership set up between the BBC and MG ALBA, the Gaelic Media Service, a unique broadcasting partnership providing a successful public service.

More information about the programmes here

7 Sultain 2016


An-diugh dh’fhoillsich BBC ALBA clàr ùr de phrògraman airson Foghar 2016. Am measg na chì an luchd-amhairc, tha prògraman cur-seachad, aithriseach, cùisean làitheil a thilleadh air ceòl, prògraman chloinne, spòrs, tachartasan beò agus dràma ùr bho Bannan.

An làthair aig tachartas sa BhBC ann an Glaschu an-diugh (Diciadain 7 Sultain) bha Agnes Johnstone, bean fear de na sàr chluicheadairean ann an saoghal ball-coise, an craoladair Cathy NicDhòmhnaill agus luchd-cruthachaidh phrògraman le Fiona NicChoinnich, preasantair BBC ALBA, aig an stiùir.

A’ cur taic ri sreathan ùra de Trusadh, Eòrpa, Seirm agus Dè a-nis? air a bheil luchd-amhairc mu thràth uabhasach dèidheil, thig prògraman ùra, tarraingeach chun sgrion.

Am measg nam prògraman ùra ann an clàr an fhoghair tha Tèarmann/Home from Home. Le còrr is 15,000 de chloinn, pàistean agus òigridh ann an Alba le tinneasan a tha a’ giorrachadh an dòchas-beatha, tha am buidheann CHAS a’ ruith ospaisean chloinne ann an Alba. Sa phrògram seo coinnichidh sinn Eilidh Duncan (aois 5) agus a teaghlach à Alamhagh agus chì sinn an toileachas agus an gaol a tha i air a bhith a’ faighinn aig Robin House ann am Baile an Locha bho bha i dà bhliadhna a dh’aois.

Tha am film mu bheatha Hamish (Seumas MacEanraig), a’ sealltainn sònrachas an duine suaicheanta sa ann an cultar na h-Alba. An làthair cuideachd aig an tachartas bha Steve Byrne, an seinneadair agus sgrìobhaiche ainmeil agus sheinn e ‘Freedom Come all Ye’ ris na bha an làthair.

Airson luchd-leantainn spòrs tha am prògram Jimmy Johnstone a' dèanamh luaidh air beatha fear de na sàr chluicheadairean ann an eachdraidh spòrs na h-Alba.

Ann an Sàr-sgeòil/Outlander, tha Cathy NicDhòmhnaill an tòir air na h-àiteachean, an dualchas agus an eachdraidh a thug air Diana Gabaldon leabhraichean Outlander a sgrìobhadh. Dè an fhìrinn a tha air cùl an saobh-sgeul a tha a' tàladh luchd-leantail gu Alba às gach ceàrn dhen t-saoghal?

Bha Dougie MacIlleathain am measg nan aoighean aig a’ BhBC agus chi luchd-amhairc BBC ALBA prògraman bho Ceòl bho Perthshire Amber a dh’aithghearr air an t-seanail.

Bidh dràma Gàidhlig BBC ALBA, Bannan, a’ tilleadh as t-Fhoghar leis an treas sreath, agus tha clàradh airson sreath a ceithir a’ dol an-dràsta.

Tha an t-seanail cuideachd a’ cur fàilte air dithis ùra – Kim Carnie (aois 22 às an Òban) agus Mark Mac a’ Ghobhainn (aois 19 à Siabost, Leòdhais) – a bhios a’ tòiseachadh nan preseantairean air an 24mh sreath de Dè a-nis?

Thuirt Mairead Màiri Mhoireach, Ceannard Seirbheis BBC ALBA: “Bho chaidh BBC ALBA air an èadhar bho chionn ochd bliadhna, tha sinn air dìlseachd mhòran a ghleidheadh a thuilleadh air daoine ùra a’ thàladh chun nam prògraman againn. Tha sinn an dòchas gun còrd na prògraman ùra foghair – bho chomadaidh gu aithriseach le gu leòr eatorra – ri gach neach anns gach sgìre.

“Tha sinn a’ tairgse seirbheis nach fhaighear an àite sam bith eile agus tha mi misneachail gu bheil ar ro-innleachd a bhith a’ cruthachadh phrògraman ùra ann an co-bhoinn leis a’ BhBC agus le cuid de companaidhean riochdachaidh as fheàrr ann an Alba, a’ ciallachadh gu lean ar soirbheas.”

Gheibhear fiosrachadh mu na prògraman an cois seo.

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