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9 September 2015



Intimate portraits of Scottish football legend Jim Baxter and Scottish artist John Lowrie Morrison, a 30th anniversary celebration of popular children’s presenter Dotaman, and new drama from Bannan are among the autumn highlights unveiled by BBC ALBA today (Wednesday 9 September) at its autumn schedule launch at the BBC, Pacific Quay, Glasgow.

In its seventh year on screen, BBC ALBA is building on existing success by bringing viewers another exceptional season of programmes covering all genres from factual documentaries to drama, comedy, music, sport and children’s favourites.

Jim Baxter’, produced by the award winning purpleTV, tells the story of ex-Rangers and Scotland midfielder’s career as it soared and then fell sharply as his lavish lifestyle impacted his performance on the pitch. It also examines the devastating event that impacted on Baxter for the duration of his life, his adoption as a baby and the lifelong feelings of abandonment. Norma Morton, partner of the late Jim Baxter, one of Scotland’s greatest footballing legends, offered an insight into an intimate film which examines his personal and professional life as never told before.

Jim Baxter

Scots painter John Lowrie Morrison joined guests at BBC ALBA’s autumn programme launch. His work and life story will be told in a new documentary titled ‘Jolomo’ which explores not only his art but his faith, where his painting and preaching are inextricably combined. His many versions of the Black House on the Strand are hard to miss and his work appeals to the masses, generating over £2million in sales each year, which he uses to support many Scottish charities.

Celebrating 30 years of the iconic Gaelic children’s programme ‘Dòtaman’, the man himself, Donnie MacLeod, spoke at the event on the success of the brand and the cult status he has gained amongst generations of Scottish audiences as reflected in the new ‘Trusadh: Dotaman’ documentary special.


Chris Young, producer of BBC ALBA’s drama series ‘Bannan’ previewed five new episodes in the series as well as announcing a further 10 episodes for 2016, delivering a total of nine hours of drama to BBC ALBA. Bannan follows Màiri and Alasdair’s story as they move to the island, but when Alasdair is reluctant to sever his links with the city, a deep, dark secret jeopardises their relationship.

Margaret Mary Murray, Head of Service for BBC ALBA, said: “We are delighted to bring viewers such a rich package of programmes this autumn from powerful documentaries to light-hearted comedy, popular children’s series and live sports coverage, illustrating the breadth of productions we have coming onto BBC ALBA over the coming months.

“Over the past seven years, BBC ALBA has established itself as a favourite with audiences regularly attracting 700,000 viewers each week and over the past year BBC ALBA programmes have had over 7million views via the BBC iPlayer. We hope to continue to build on this success by delivering high quality programmes which audiences in Scotland and further afield love.

“Our contribution to the creative economy is also significant with BBC ALBA now producing more than 600 hours of programmes per year for broadcast in Scotland and commissioning content from 22 independent production companies as well as the BBC and STV.”

Highlights from BBC ALBA’s schedule over the autumn season include:


  • Trusadh - BBC ALBA’s flagship documentary series, is back with a fresh and diverse range of programming. The new series will have programmes including the unusual story of a traditional hand-knit and the Pope in Geansaidh a’ Phàpa, a ‘Dotaman’ special, ‘Men’s Cancer Stories’, and a look at ‘150 Years of Railways in the Highlands’.
  • Cobhair Chloinne/Paediatric Retrieval Service – a three one hour series follows the Paediatric Retrieval Teams based at Glasgow's Royal Hospital for Sick Children, Yorkhill and Edinburgh's Royal Hospital for Sick Children and hears first-hand from the doctors and nurses who provide a life-saving service to the remotest parts of Scotland. From the central belt, the series covers Shetland, the Highlands the Western Isles and even Belfast, travelling with the teams to experience incredibly moving stories as children with life threatening conditions are nursed back to health however, sadly not every child can be saved. We see the team based at the Intensive Care Unit at Glasgow’s Yorkhill leave this famous Glasgow institution and move across the Clyde to the new Southern General hospital. This delicate operation, years in the planning, is a fascinating insight into how all the departments work together with military precision.
  • Feachdan Ionatain/Jonathan’s Army – a moving documentary telling the story of how Jonathan Maciver and some friends established the Gambia Partnership, a Christian charity aimed at improving the lives of ordinary people in Africa. The charity has gradually progressed and has developed a focus on education, supporting both schools and children that otherwise wouldn't be able to attend. Now though they are taking their commitment even further, by establishing a brand new school in the remote rural village of Kabakel.
  • Great War Diaries – based on letters and journals, many of which have never been published before, this programme tells the story of 1914-18 solely through the eyes of those who lived through it.


  • Seirm - A new music series presented by top musician and broadcaster Mary Ann Kennedy. Filmed in the atmospheric Cottiers Theatre before an audience at the Celtic Connections music festival, this eclectic show features incendiary performances from the best of the festival alongside some unique musical collaborations.
  • Ar Duain is an exciting musical series which has been a co-production between eight indigenous television broadcasters across the globe. Over three episodes, the series will convey the diversity of contemporary indigenous music, all genres, from traditional music to rock.
  • Hozier - Irish singer-songwriter Andrew Hozier-Byrne, a unique multi-instrumentalist, taught himself to play guitar and piano at 15 - focusing on folk and blues. His appearance at the Other Voices festival in County Dingle was his first TV appearance. In this programme he reflects on that experience and what has happened since his first release ‘Take Me to Church’ went viral in 2013.


  • Bannan - The new series of Bannan sees a happy Màiri and Alasdair move to the island, but when Alasdair is reluctant to sever his links with the city, a deep, dark secret jeopardises their relationship. Iain and Finlay share mixed fortunes in their personal and professional lives while a ghost from Donneil’s American dream arrives to haunt him and shock the community. Tormod relishes spending time with Màiri and Anna, but having lost his fishing boat he also is forced to consider a change of career.


  • Dè a-nis? returns in a new 30 minutes format with resident presenters Megan Maclellan and Derek MacIntosh being joined by guest presenters Annabel Maclennan and Stephanie Tinney. Regular strands of the programme will remain along with new features including exciting science based experiments, a space special and a rough guide to Scotland’s islands.
  • Ceitidh Morag – a second series of the extremely popular Katie Morag will return to BBC ALBA with the Gaelic narration again being provided by Maia Murray Pickering and following Katie Morag’s fun and adventures on the Isle of Struay.
  • Na Bòtainnean Òir aig Peppa/ Peppa's Golden Boots - brand new one off special of the much loved Peppa Pig series – Peppa loves jumping up and down in puddles wearing her special Golden Boots!
  • Peppa and the Pumpkin – a Halloween special from the Peppa Pig series
  • Ben & Hoilidh san Rìoghachd Bhig/ Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom - the Emmy and BAFTA award-winning preschool series has been re-versioned into Gaelic bringing viewers all the magic as it happens from Ben and Holly’s little kingdom.


  • Gaol@Gael – comedy from the award winning independent company The Woven Thread, returns for a second series starring acclaimed singer and actress Kathleen MacInnes as 'Muriel Scott' as she expands her online dating website for another six hopefuls. Also included in each episode is a series of vox pops with real couples and singles, asking all the important questions about love and life.


  • • Live sport continues on BBC ALBA with the 2015-16 PRO 12 Rugby competition and coverage of the Scottish Championship and selected games in the Challenge Cup. UEFA Women’s Euro qualifying matches, as Scotland take on Belarus and Macedonia, will also be screened live. An as-live highlights package of the Scottish Premiership will continue throughout the season.

BBC ALBA is delivered through the partnership set up between the BBC and MG ALBA, the Gaelic Media Service, a unique broadcasting partnership providing a successful public service.

9 Sultain 2015



Dh’fhoillsich BBC ALBA clàr ùr de phrògraman an-diugh (9 Sultain) aig tachartas ann an Glaschu.

Ri fhaicinn sa chlàr ùr bidh prògraman mun chluicheadair ball-coise ainmeil Albannach Jim Baxter agus an neach-ealain John Lowrie Moireasdan, prògraman a’ comharrachadh 30 bliadhna den t-sreath chloinne ainmeil Dotaman agus sreath ùr den dràma Bannan a thuilleadh air sreathan ùra aithris, comadaidh, ceòl, spòrs agus prògraman chloinne.

Cha bheag nach robh Jim Baxter ainmeil na là agus tha am prògram ‘Jim Baxter’, air a riochdachadh le purpleTV, ag innse mu bheatha a’ chluicheadair ball-coise seo a bha aig Rangers agus Alba. Aithnichte airson a chuid sgil, misneachd is greadhnachas, dh’èirich Baxter mar rionnag agus thuit e gu h-obann nuair a thug a’ chaitheamh beatha buaidh air a chomas cluiche. Le teisteanas pearsanta bho chèile, Norma, nach deach innse roimhe agus iomradh air mar a chaidh uchd-mhacachd na leanabh agus bhuaidh a bha aig seo air fad cùrsa a bheatha, tha am prògram a’ leigeil solas air beatha fear aig an robh comas air leth.

Jim Baxter

Bha John Lowrie Moireasdan am measg na bha an làthair aig an tachartas agus thèid sgeulachd obair agus a bheatha innse sa phrògram ùr ‘Jolomo’. Cò an duine, dè an ceangal a tha eadar a chreideamh agus a chuid-obrach agus ciamar a thàinig na dealbhan aige gu bhith cho aithnichte agus gu bhith a’ dùsgadh bheachdan a tha cho eadar-dhealaichte.

A’ comharrachadh 30 bliadhna den phrògram Dotaman, chuala sinn bhon duine fhèin, Donaidh MacLeòid, agus e a’ bruidhinn aig an tachartas mu shoirbheas nam prògraman agus e air ìre sònraichte a ruighinn le ginealaichean de luchd-amhairc ann an Alba agus Dotaman fhathast aithnichte mar fhear de na prìomh rionnagan Gàidhlig.


Thug Chris Young, riochdaire ‘Bannan’, sreath dràma BBC ALBA, ro-shealladh air còig prògraman ùra a thuilleadh air a bhith ag ainmeachadh 10 prògraman ùra airson 2016, a’ lìbhrigeadh gu h-iomlan naoi uairean a thìde de dhràma gu BBC ALBA. Tha Bannan a’ leantainn sgeòil Mhàiri agus Alasdair ’s iad a’ gluasad chun an eilein. Ach le Alasdair mì-dheònach na ceanglaichean aige leis a’ bhaile mhòr a ghearradh, tha sgeulachdan dorcha a’ cur an càirdeas aca ann an cunnart.

Thuirt Mairead Màiri Mhoireach, Ceannard Seirbheis BBC ALBA: “Tha sinn toilichte prògraman cho tlachdmhor a thoirt chun luchd-amhairc an lùib clàr foghair BBC ALBA. Tha prògraman aithris driùteach againn, tha cuid de shreathan eile ri dibhearsain is feall-dha, tha prògraman tarraingeach dha rìreabh againn do chloinn agus prògraman spòrs beò gach seachdain, a’ sealltainn am farsaingeachd a bhios ri fhaicinn air BBC ALBA sna mìosan ri thighinn.

“Thar nan seachd bliadhna a chaidh seachad, tha BBC ALBA air cliù a chosnadh mar phrìomh sheanail airson an luchd-amhairc an Alba, gu cunbhalach a’ tàladh timcheall air 700,000 neach-amhairc gach seachdain agus sa bhliadhna a dh’fhalbh tha prògraman BBC ALBA air a bhith air an coimhead còrr is 7 millean turas air iPlayer a’ BhBC. Tha sinn dòchasach togail air an t-soirbheas seo le bhith a’ lìbhrigeadh phrògraman aig àrd ìre a chòrdas ris an luchd-amhairc ann an Alba. Thathar cuideachd a’ cur gu susbainteach ris an eaconamaidh chruthachail le BBC ALBA a-nis a’ riochdachadh còrr is 600 uair a thìde de phrògraman gach bliadhna airson an craoladh ann an Alba agus a’ coimiseanadh phrògraman bho 22 companaidh riochdachaidh neo-eisimeileach, cuide ris an dà phrìomh craoladair am BBC agus STV”.

Tron Fhoghar air BBC ALBA chithear:


  • Trusadh – tha an t-sreath aithriseach air ais, le cuspairean às ùire. Nam measg, prògraman sònraichte ‘Dòtaman@30’, ‘Balaich a’ Bruidhinn’ agus ‘Rathad-iarainn na Gaidhealtachd’.
  • Cobhair Chloinne – tha Cobhair Chloinne a’ tilleadh le sreath ùr, is tuilleadh bhon roinn shònraichte seo de Sheirbheis Nàiseanta na Slàinte ann an Alba. Tha sinn a’ leantainn an sgioba sònraichte seo de dhotairean ’s bhanaltraman speisealta is iad a’ dèanamh cinnteach gu bheil clann a tha uabhasach meadhanach no ìosal a’ faighinn an cobhair a tha a dhìth orra, ge bith càit’ a bheil iad an Alba
  • Feachdan Ionatain – tha Feachdan Ionatain a' leantainn buidheann Chrìosdaidh às na h-Eileanan an Iar, The Gambia Partnership, agus iad a' feuchainn ri sgoil a thogail ann an Gambia, ann an Afraga an Iar. Tha Ionatan MacÌomhair os cionn an sgioba a thèid a bhaile beag Kabakel airson sgoil a thogail taobh a-staigh seachdain, ged a tha mòran aca nach robh a-riamh ann an Afraga roimhe.
  • Leabhraichean-là a’ Chogaidh Mhòir – stèidhichte air litrichean agus leabhraichean-là, tòrr dhiubh nach deach fhoillseachadh a-riamh, tha an t-sreath seo ag innse sgeulachd nam bliadhnaichean 1914-1918 tro shùilean na thàinig beò às.


  • Seirm - tha Celtic Connections, an fhèis ciùil geamhraidh as motha san t-saoghal, gu bhith ri fhaicinn as t-fhoghar nuair a bhios Seirm, sreath de chòig phrògraman ciùil gu tur ùr, ri fhaicinn air BBC ALBA. Chaidh Seirm, le farsaingeachd den cheòl a bu bheothail ’s a b’ fheàrr a bha aig an fhèis, a chlàradh air beulaibh luchd-èisteachd ann an àrainneachd dhrùidhteach Cottiers Theatre. Tha an neach-ciùil agus an craoladair barraichte Màiri Anna NicUalraig a’ cur fàilte air luchd-ciùil bho air feadh an t-saoghail.
  • Ar Duain - co-obrachadh spreòdach ciùil le cuid den luchd-ciùil às ùire à Nirribhidh (Sàmi), Èirinn, Alba, Sealan Nuadh agus Canada. Thairis air trì prògraman le Màiri Anna NicUalraig gan lìbhrigeadh, bidh Ar Duain a’ taisbeanadh ceòl ùr - bho cheòl traidiseanta gu ceòl roc - agus a’ toirt sealladh dhuinn air na diofar chultaran tron cheòl aca.
  • Hozier - an seinneadair agus bàrd Èireannach Andrew Hozier-Byrne, fear a chluicheas iomadh ionnsramaid agus a dh'ionnsaich dha fhèin an giotàr agus am piàna a chluich aig aois 15 – agus aig a bheil dlùth cheangal ri ceòl folk agus blues. ’S ann aig Fèis Other Voices ann an Dingle a thàinig e gu aire luchd-amhairc telebhisein airson a’ chiad uair. Bhon uair sin tha an t-òran Take me to Church air sgaoileadh fad is farsainn air an eadar-lìon mar a tha a chliù. Seo an sgeulachd aige.


  • Bannan – san t-sreath ùr tha Màiri agus Alasdair a' gluasad chun an eilein le fiughair. Ach chan eil Alasdair deònach na bannan aige leis a' bhaile mhòir a ghearradh. Tha dragh air Màiri agus mar as motha a gheibh i a-mach, 's ann a tha i a' lorg cho beag eòlais a th' aice air Alasdair. Ach tha tuigse aig Peigi thar chàich gum bi rùintean dìomhair ann an teaghlaichean. Tha Iain agus Fionnlagh a' sireadh slighean ùra nam beatha agus tha ban-Ameireaganach bhragail, bhrèagha air nochdadh son sùil a chumail air Donneil. Tha Tormod air a dhòigh 's e fhèin is Mairi rèidh ach às aonais a' bhata iasgaich tha aige ri obair ùir a lorg.


  • Dè a-nis? Tha sgioba Dè a-nis? a’ tilleadh le sreath ùr de phrògraman. Cuide ri Derek, Megan agus Stephanie an turas-sa bidh Annabel NicIllFhinnein à Grias an Eilean Leòdhais. Tron t-sreath, chì sinn an ceathrar aca a’ siubhal air feadh na RA a’ feuchainn air iomadh dùbhlan a bhios an dà chuid inntinneach agus annasach. Bho bhith a’ faighinn sealladh air an fhànas, cuairt sìos toll coineanaich, dùbhlan Clann ann an Èis ann an cuideachd Pudsey agus turas gu Mòd Nàiseanta Rìoghail na bliadhna seo san Òban, ’s iad a bhios trang.
  • Ceitidh Mòrag – an dàrna sreath a’ tilleadh gu BBC ALBA, le guth Gàidhlig Cheitidh Mhòrag air a thoirt thugainn le Maia Murray Pickering.
  • Peppa & Na Bòtannan Òir – prògram sònraichte le Peppa ann an gaol le na Bòtannan Òir aice agus iad math airson a bhith a’ leum anns na lòn-puill
  • Peppa & Pàrtaidh Oidhche Shamhna – prògram sònraichte Oidhche Shamhna le Peppa agus a caraidean
  • Ben & Hoilidh san Rìoghachd Bhig – an t-sreath shoirbheachail seo air a chuir dhan Ghàidhlig le sgeulachdan bhon Rìoghachd draoidheachd aca airson clann òga.


  • Gaol@Gael – comadaidh Gàidhlig bho The Woven Thread air ais leis an dàrna sreath. Tha Muriel Scott, air a cluich leis a’ bhana-chleasaiche agus an seinneadair cliùiteach Kathleen NicAonghais, cho bragail ’s a bha i a-riamh agus i a’ tilleadh leis a’ ghnìomhachas gaoil air-loidhne a tha i air a stèidheachadh do Ghàidheil ’s do dh’ Eileanaich.


  • • Tha spòrs beò a’ leantainn air BBC ALBA le co-fharpais 2015-16 Rugbaidh PRO 12 agus prògraman bhon Scottish Championship agus feadhainn bho Cupa Dùbhlain na h-Alba Chithear cuideachd geamannan beò bho ball-coise nam Ban le Alba an aghaidh Belarus agus Macedonia.

Tha BBC ALBA air a lìbhrigeadh tro cho-bhanntachd eadar am BBC agus MG ALBA, a’ chiad cho-bhanntachd craolaidh dha leithid, gus seirbheis phoblach shoirbheachail a thoirt seachad.

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