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3 September 2013


Autumn Launch carousel

BBC ALBA unveiled its Autumn package of programmes at a launch event held today (Tuesday 3 September) at the Blythswood Square Hotel, Glasgow.

As it celebrates five years on screen, the channel is delighted to announce details of the first ever Gaelic pilot drama for a long running TV series to be broadcast on BBC ALBA.

Still in its initial stages of production, the three-part drama titled ‘Bannan / The Ties That Bind’ is a collaboration between BBC ALBA and Creative Scotland. It is being produced by Christopher Young of Young Films, the man behind the hugely successful TV comedy and film, The Inbetweeners.

Joining Chris on the drama project is new Gaelic screenwriter Chrisella Ross as well as actor turned director Tony Kearney.

Bannan follows the story of Mairi Macdonald's return to the island she left eight years ago aged 18. Mairi left to escape both her family and the place – its claustrophobia and its customs. She initially comes back just to attend a funeral but realises she had forgotten about the ‘bannan’ - the family and emotional ties that bind her to the island.

BBC ALBA’s head of service, Margaret Mary Murray, said: “We are very proud to be delivering another very strong package of programmes for our autumn schedule. Our documentaries, music and sport programmes and series, will continue to provide high quality entertainment for our viewers and we are also delighted to be announcing a new pilot drama series for BBC ALBA.

“This new drama series, Bannan, which will screen in 2014, is a fantastic step forward for BBC ALBA, helping us in our ambition to establish drama within our schedule, and it is something which has been much anticipated by our viewers.

“We are delighted to be working in partnership with Creative Scotland on this project and are privileged to have acclaimed producer Chris Young overseeing the production. The drama offers a platform to enhance existing and emerging talent and provides opportunities for employment and training across a wide range of disciplines in the creative sector in Scotland.”

Janet Archer, Chief Executive of Creative Scotland said: “This is an exciting time for people who are passionate about Gaelic drama. There are increasing opportunities for established and emerging actors, directors, writers, and producers to create new work, and a growing momentum for audiences in Scotland, the UK and internationally to have chances to see Gaelic drama. I’m looking forward to Bannan, not only because it is shaping up to be a great show, but because it also has fantastic potential to act as a catalyst for the continued development of Gaelic drama across this country, and Creative Scotland is pleased to be working with BBC ALBA to help bring the pilot series to the small screen.”

At its core is high quality home produced programming, being the go-to channel for Scottish sport, traditional music and impactful documentaries. The channel is committed to promoting women’s sport and this season will be showcasing live international matches from the 2015 Women’s FIFA World Cup qualifiers as Scotland competes against countries including Bosnia and Northern Ireland on their quest to reach the finals in Canada.

Speaking at the event, Shelley Alexander, editorial lead for women’s sport at the BBC, said: “It's great that BBC ALBA is offering comprehensive coverage of Scotland's World Cup qualifier matches, the programming greatly complements both the women's football output on BBC Sport, and the coverage of many other women's sports. This summer's Women's Euro's coverage proved very popular with audiences and we are keen to build on this appetite across the UK as the teams start their World Cup campaign.”

BBC ALBA has commissioned an original documentary, ‘Honeyballers’, authored by Purple TV producer, Margot McCuaig, which celebrates the remarkable female pioneers who made this World Cup campaign possible. ‘Honeyballers’ will air on BBC ALBA just after the first live home Scotland World Cup qualifier on September 26th.

BBC ALBA aims to build on the success it has generated over the last five years establishing itself at the heart of Scottish broadcasting and now attracts an average weekly audience of over 600,000 viewers, with 4.1m enjoying BBC ALBA’s content via the BBC iPlayer in the past year, (April`12 – March`13).

Some of the highlights from the BBC ALBA schedule over the Autumn season include:

From Harris with Love – ten years ago, the people of North Harris took ownership of the land on which they live and the North Harris Trust was formed to run the estate on behalf of the community. It is sparsely populated with around 700 residents who live in villages dotted around the area. Throughout the series we follow the stories of some of the most engaging characters who live in this unique island community.
Sammy - Chi mi'n Tir

My Brother the Ark Raider – Scotsman Donald Mackenzie was hunting for the remains of Noah’s Ark on Mount Ararat in Turkey when he vanished three years ago. His family has heard nothing since and several searches by Turkish authorities failed to discover any trace of him. This documentary follows Donald’s brother Derick as he travels across Europe to Dogubayazit, a Kurdish town on the border with Iran at the foot of Mount Ararat. Here, somewhere, Donald’s remains most likely lie. Derick goes in search of answers but who can he trust and how close will he come to the truth?
Trusadh - The Private Disease – the poignant and moving stories of those living with Crohn’s disease – young and old, featuring one woman who’s going through a ground breaking (hematopoietic) stem cell transplant.
Trusadh - Donald and the Cargo Boats – The story of the cargo-ships which served the Inner and Outer Hebrides in the 40s, 50s, 60s and 70s – direct descendants of the famous puffers. The documentary is nostalgic story narrated by maritime enthusiast Donald Meek as we follow him in his boat-building hobby, and hear some of the engaging and funny tales from former crewmen as they recount their time on board.
Honeyballers – the Scotland national Women’s football team is striving to qualify for the FIFA Women's World Cup in 2015. Honeyballers celebrates the remarkable female pioneers who made this campaign possible, battling for recognition against a backdrop of discrimination and negativity.
Bethesda – for many, the idea of a hospice is a place to approach with trepidation but the first thing that strikes you when you walk in the door of Bethesda in Stornoway, is how homely and welcoming it feels. Bethesda sees itself very much as a place to live. This moving documentary gives a rare and special insight into day to day life at Bethesda and its relationship with the community it serves and which supports it.

• Live sport continues to be a popular strand on the channel and this autumn viewers will be treated to a package of live and as-live action from the Scottish Premiership; live coverage of select Glasgow Warriors and Edinburgh Rugby matches from this year’s RaboDirect PRO12 competition including exclusive coverage of the 1872 Cup; exclusive live action from the SPFL Ramsdens Challenge Cup; live action from Scotland’s 2015 FIFA Women's World Cup Qualifiers; live International shinty/hurling when Scotland take on Ireland.

Buskers – following the success of the first series, Buskers returns to our screens and delves into the lives of current and former street artists with input from recording artists and the public. From the young to, well, the not so young, you can find every form of street artist, whether solo artists to full bands, fire jugglers to dancers.
Celtic Music Sessions – The popular music series continues to offer an eclectic mix of music from bluegrass to folk and Celtic as many of the world class musicians performing at Celtic Connections and take time out to head for the Hòro Gheallaidh ceilidh sessions.
Ceòl Country – this series delivers highlights from the very best of local, national and international country music, filmed at this year’s Northern Nashville Country Music Festival in Caithness. Featuring top performers from Scotland, Ireland, the Netherlands and America, Ceòl Country also presents an insight into some of the acts performing at this year’s festival with magazine style features that include in-depth interviews with musicians and country music artists in various locations.
Opry an Iuir – Ireland’s very own Grand Ole Opry – the old Town Hall in Newry opens its doors for a unique series of hour long concerts, each featuring a star of country music including Hugo Duncan, Mike Denver, Sandy Kelly, Nathan Carter, Dominic Kirwan and Mick Flavin.
• Coverage of musical events will complement these popular series and will feature highlights from this year’s Blas festival, Na Trads, The Royal National MOD, The Worlds 2013 and Gradam Ceol.

Dè a-nis? – the ever popular children’s series returns with a new series as the team bring younger viewers the latest music and news, fun and laughter as new presenter Megan MacLellan, from Morar, joins the team for more fun and mayhem.
The Ranch – a new animated series exclusive to BBC ALBA featuring a group of horse-crazy teens who run a refuge for horses and other animals.

BBC ALBA is delivered through the partnership set up between the BBC and MG ALBA, the Gaelic Media Service, a unique broadcasting partnership providing a successful public service.

3 Sultain 2013


Autumn Launch carousel

Dh’fhoillsich BBC ALBA clàr ùr de phrògraman an Fhoghair an-diugh (Dimàirt 3 Sultain).

A’ comharrachadh còig bliadhna bho thòisich an t-seanail, tha BBC ALBA air leth toilichte innse mu phròiseact dràma TBh ùr. Fhathast aig ìre tòisichidh, tha an t-sreath ghoirid dràma seo, ‘Bannan’, na cho-bhanntachd eadar BBC ALBA agus Alba Chruthachail. Tha e air a riochdachadh le Christopher Young bho Young Films, a choisinn cliù dha fhèin le na comadaidhean TBh agus am film ‘The Inbetweeners’. Ag obair cuide ri Chris tha an sgrìobhadair Chrisella Ross agus an stiùiriche Tony Kearney.

’S e sgeul Mhàiri NicDhòmhnaill a th’ ann am 'Bannan' - tè òg a tha a’ tilleadh gu eilean a h-àraich an dèidh ochd bliadhna a chaitheamh sa bhaile mhòr. Bha Màiri 18 nuair a dh’fhàg i; aig an àm bha i airson astar a chur eadar i fhèin agus an t-àite, a teaghlach agus an cuid dòighean, a bha air a sàrachadh. 'S e tìodhlacadh a tha ga tàladh air ais ach tha e na rùn tilleadh dhan bhaile mhòr cho luath ’s a bhios e seachad. Ach tha Màiri air dìochuimhneachadh nam 'bannan' – na nithean a bha ga ceangail ris an àite o thùs.

Thuirt Mairead Màiri Mhoireach, Ceannard Seirbheis BBC ALBA: “Tha sinn moiteil dha-rìribh a bhith a’ lìbhrigeadh phrògraman làidir ann an Clàr an Fhoghair. Eadar sreathan aithriseach, ceòl agus spòrs, leanaidh sinn a’ tabhann farsaingeachd de phrògraman aig àrd ìre airson an luchd-amhairc. A thuilleadh air an sin, tha sinn air leth toilichte innse mun dràma ùr.

Bidh an t-sreath ghoirid seo de thrì phrògraman a’ nochdadh air an TBh an ath-bhliadhna. Bha BBC ALBA airson dràma ùr a thòiseachadh air an t-seanail oir cha robh leithid againn agus bha iarrtas ann bho luchd-amhairc. Tha sinn air leth toilichte a bhith a’ co-obrachadh le Alba Chruthachail air a’ pròiseact agus gu bheil Chris Young os cionn an riochdachaidh. Bheir an dràma cothrom do thàlant, an dà chuid stèidhichte agus ùr ann an Alba agus cothroman air farsaingeachd de dh’obraichean agus trèanadh san roinn chruthachail ann an Alba.

Thuirt Janet Archer, Ceannard Alba Chruthachail: “’S e àm air leth inntinneach a tha seo airson daoine aig a bheil ùidh mhòr ann an dràma Gàidhlig. Tha cothroman a’ sìor fhàs do dhaoine a tha a cheana stèidhichte san raon seo agus do thàlant ùr, leithid stiùirichean, sgrìobhaichean agus riochdairean, obair ùr a chruthachadh. Tha cothroman a’ sìor fhàs cuideachd do luchd-amhairc ann an Alba, an RA agus gu h-eadar-nàiseanta airson dràma Gàidhlig fhaicinn. Tha mi a’ coimhead air adhart ri Bannan, chan ann dìreach ri linn ’s gur eil coltas ann gur e prògram math a bhios ann ach cuideachd tha an comas ann gum bi e na leasachadh airson dràma Gàidhlig air feadh na dùthcha agus tha Alba Chruthachail air leth toilichte a bhith ag obair còmhla ri BBC ALBA gus an sreath goirid seo a thoirt chun sgàilean.

Tha BBC ALBA a’ libhrigeadh phrògraman aig àrd ìre agus tha i air cliù a chosnadh mar àite airson spòrs beò, ceòl traidiseanta agus deagh phrògraman aithriseach fhaicinn. Bidh geamannan bho Chupa Cruinne nam Ban 2015 rim faicinn is Alba a’ dol an aghaidh sgiobaidhean Bosnia agus Èirinn a Tuath am measg eile.

A’ bruidhinn aig an tachartas, thuirt Shelley Alexander, àrd neach-deasachaidh spòrs nam Ban aig a’ BhBC: “Tha e cho math gu bheil BBC ALBA a’ tairgse nan geamannan ro-fharpaiseach aig Alba ann an Cupa na Cruinne. Bidh na prògraman seo a’ cur ris an dà chuid ball-coise nam Ban air spòrs a’ BhBC a thuilleadh air iomadach spòrs eile bho bhoireannaich. Chòrd na prògraman samhraidh a’ sealltainn ri geamannan Eòrpach nam Ban ris an luchd-amhairc agus tha sinn airson togail air an seo air feadh na RA le na sgiobaidhean ag ullachadh airson iomairt Cupa na Cruinne.

A thuilleadh air an seo, chithear am prògram ‘Honeyballers’ bho Purple TV – prògram a’ toirt sùil air na boireannaich a thug sgioba air adhart gu Cupa Cruinne nam Ban.

Tha BBC ALBA a’ tàladh mu 600,000 neach-coimhid gach seachdain, agus thairis air a’ bhliadhna a chaidh, chaidh 4.1m sealladh a thoirt air prògraman BBC ALBA air iPlayer a’ BhBC (Giblean ’12 – Màrt ’13)

Tron Fhoghair air BBC ALBA chithear:

Chì Mi ’n Tìr – bho chionn deich bliadhna, fhuair muinntir Cheann a Tuath na Hearadh sealbh air an fhearann air a bheil iad a’ fuireach agus chaidh Urras Cheann a Tuath na Hearadh a stèidheachadh airson an oighreachd a ruith às leth na coimhearsnachd. ’S e coimhearsnachd sgapte a th’ ann le deugachadh de bhailtean beaga. Tha timcheall air 2,000 neach a’ fuireach anns na Hearadh air fad le 700 dhiubh sin a’ fuireach ann am bailtean a’ Chinn a Tuath.
Sammy - Chi mi'n Tir

Bràithrean na h-Àirce – bha an t-Albannach Dòmhnall MacCoinnich a’ sireadh Àirc Nòah air Beinn Ararat san Tuirc nuair a chaidh e air chall. Chan eil a theaghlach air càil a chluinntinn bhon uair sin agus ged a bha na h-ùghdarrasan Tuirceach a-muigh a’ coimhead air a shon grunnan thurais, cha do lorg iad càil. Leanaidh sinn Derick, bràthair Dhòmhnaill, ’s e a’ fàgail an teaghlaich ann an Steòrnabhagh agus a’ siubhal thar na Roinn Eòrpa gu Dogubayazit, baile Curdach air iomall na crìch le Iran aig bonn Beinn Ararat. Tha Derick a’ dol a shireadh freagairtean. Ach cò ann is urrainn dha earbsa a chur agus an tèid aige air faighinn faisg air an fhìrinn?
Trusadh - An Galar Dìomhair – na sgeulachdan drùidhteach acasan air a bheil Crohn’s – sean is òg, nam measg boireannach òg a tha a’ dol tro leigheas ùr le a bhith a’ cleachdadh ath-chur cealla stem.
Trusadh – Dòmhnall agus na Bàtaichean Carago – sgeulachdan nam bàtaichean carago a bha a’ frithealadh na h-Eileanan mu Shiar anns na 40an, na 50an, na 60an agus na 70an - na bàtaichean a thàinig an dèidh nam bàtaichean-smùid ainmeil. Sgeulachd thaitneach air innse le Dòmhnall Meek, a tha e fhèin fìor dhèidheil air bàtaichean de gach seòrsa, ’s sinn a’ cluinntinn sgeulachdan annasach agus èibhinn bho chuid den sgioba a bha air bòrd.
Honeyballers – tha sgioba bhoireannach na h-Alba air tòir àite aig Cupa Cruinne nam Ban ann an Canada ann an 2015. Tha ‘Honeyballers’ a' moladh a' chiad bhuidheann de bhoireannaich a thug an iomairt seo gu buil, a' strì an aghaidh gràin-cinnidh agus iomadh àicheadh.
Bethesda – airson a’ mhòr chuid, ’s e hospice àite far am bi daoine a’ caochladh agus far am bi daoine fo bhròn. Ach cho luath ’s a thèid thu steach a Bhethesda ann an Steòrnabhagh, ’s e fàilte is blàths a tha gad choinneachadh. Seo àite airson nam beò. Seo prògram a ghluaiseas an inntinn, a’ toirt sùil air obair latha Bethesda nach fhacas roimhe agus an dàimh a th’ aca leis a’ choimhearsnachd.

• Gu leòr ri thighinn....geamaichean bhon SPFL; geamaichean Ghlaschu agus Dhùn Èideann bho RaboDirect PRO12 agus bho Cupa 1872; geamaichean beò Chupa Dùbhlain Ramsdens aig an SPFL, Cupa Cruinne nam Ban 2015 agus geamaichean Camanachd.

Buskers – tha Buskers air tilleadh le taisbeanadh de thàlant ùr agus a’ coinneachadh ri cuid bhon chiad shreath airson faighinn a-mach de thachair dhaibh. Tha Buskers a’ cur a’ phrosbaig air a’ bheatha a tha aig luchd-ealain nan sràidean aig diofair aoisean bho sheann gu òg. Anns an t-sreath ùr seo bidh sinn a’ tadhal air Glaschu, Dùn Èideann, Sruighlea agus Baile Àtha Cliath far am bi Farpaisean Luchd-ealain na Sràide a’ gabhail àite.

Celtic Music Sessions – Tha taghadh den luchd-ciùil as tàlantaich bho fhèis Celtic Connections a' nochdadh gus ceòl a thoirt thugainn aig seiseanan ciùil Hòro Gheallaidh ann an Glaschu.
Ceòl Country - an ceòl as fheàrr bho Fhèis Ceòl Dùthchail Nashville-a-Tuath ann an Sgìre Ghallaibh. Le cuid den luchd-ciùil as fheàrr à Alba, an Òlaind, na Stàitean Aonaichte agus Èirinn.
Opry an Iuir – Ceòl duthchail à Grand Ole Opry na h-Èireann – Baile an Iùir. Sreath chuirmean-ciùil le cuid den luchd-ciùil as ainmeil leithid Mike Denver, Nathan Carter, Dominic Kirwan agus Mick Flavin a’ nochdadh.
• A thuilleadh air na prògram seo, chithear na pìosan as fheàrr bho Fhèis Bhlas, Na Trads, Am Mòd Nàiseanta Rìoghail, Na Worlds 2013 agus Gradam Ceoil.

Dè a-nis? – sreath ùr agus preseantair ùr le Megan NicIllinnein à Mòrar a’ tighinn còmhla ris an sgioba. Fealla-dhà, spòrs, ceòl, naidheachdan agus gàire!
The Ranch – sreath dealbhan-beò le buidheann den òigridh a tha gu math dèidheil air na h-eich agus iad a’ ruith àite-sàbhailte airson eich agus beathaichean eile.

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