Facilities FAQs Ceistean Cumanta mu Goireasan

Below you will see an expandable list with some of the frequently asked questions directed at MG ALBA Facilities. Gu h-iosal chì sibh cuid de na ceistean cumanta a tha Goireasan MG ALBA a' faighinn bho àm gu àm.

  • What codec should I encode promos in, if submitted for ftp?
    • Promos delivered via FTP should be encoded as Quick Time pro res. No other file format is accepted.

  • Should I use HD cameras or are SD cameras acceptable for filming?
    • BBC ALBA is a standard definition channel, all material is to be delivered as standard definition. The use of both SD and HD broadcast quality television cameras is acceptable. Note that when material is HD acquisition, care must be taken to ensure that the down conversion process produces the highest quality images possible.

  • Where can I find the guidelines for technical standards?
    • The technical guidelines are available for download here.

  • Who do I speak to if I feel the programme has been unfairly failed?
    • If there is a query regarding a technical fail you should contact either the Television Services Director (Chris MacDonald) or the Technical Manager (Uisdean MacLeod)

  • Is the content of the Programme checked?
    • Technical review deals purely with the technical quality of the programme, all content will have been viewed and agreed by the Executive Producer prior to Tech Review.

  • A small part of my Programme may have a Harding fail, is their anywhere I can check this?
    • You may send clips which you would like to have checked to MG ALBA in Stornoway.

      Delivery may be either by tape or file via FTP. To arrange for a clip to be checked please contact the Television Services Director (Chris MacDonald), who will arrange for the clip to be scheduled into the Review Suite.

  • What is Harding and where can I find the guidelines for the it?
    • The Harding FPA analyses video content to ensure that all video content to be broadcast does not contain any sequences or effects which may potentially trigger a photosensitive epileptic attack. Without a valid certificate the programme cannot be broadcast. Further details are available here.

  • Why does the last shot in the promo have to be static?
    • The last shot must be static as it has to hold the graphic containing TX information. Camera movements can affect the text. Follow this link to our promo requirements.

  • What are my options if my programme/promo fail its technical review?
    • When a programme fails Technical Review, the programme can be collected, or returned, (postal returns will incur a cost), for rectification.

      The programme will be subject to a complete Technical Review when it is returned, (there will be a charge for 2nd reviews).

      Alternatively you may have the fix carried out by MG ALBA, once the work has been carried out the programme will be subject to a partial re-test.

  • What happens if the fail issue cannot be rectified in post production?
    • Where it is not possible to rectify a technical review failure in post production then it is necessary to replace the clip in question.

      When ALL other avenues have been exhausted, the Producer must contact their Executive Producer, who may at their discretion, SIGN OFF, the programme for transmission on BBC ALBA.

  • What problems can MG ALBA fix in house?
    • MG ALBA are able to carry out a wide range of rectification work in house for both video and audio as well as subtitling issues.

      MG ALBA have also amassed a substantial knowledge base for dealing with Harding related corrections.

      Any correction work carried out will deal with the programme in the most sympathetic way possible to ensure that the viewing enjoyment is not compromised.

  • How much do you charge for work carried out?
    • Small corrections, Harding issues etc, are usually £80. Other work is assessed and a quote will be provided. No corrections will be carried out without authorisation from supplier.

  • Why is the deadline for promos so far in advance before programme TX?
    • Promos are requested up to 8 weeks in advance of programme TX – The reason for this is that BBC ALBA’s interstitial material has to be delivered to Playout in PQ 14 days prior to TX and there are various stages to go through before interstitials are delivered. Promos, by nature, should TX up to 2 weeks before the programme TX date. Here is a brief timeline of the stages a promo goes through after delivery to MG ALBA:

      Weeks before programme TX:

      Week 8-7: Promos go through technical & editorial checks and are placed in schedule. Continuity links are recorded using promo material as reference.

      Week 6-5: Promos are versioned with VO & Graphics and assembled together with all other interstitial material to create complete Junction packages. Junction packages go through editorial & technical checks before delivery.

      Week 4-3: Weekly junction packages are delivered to BBC Playout, PQ.

      Week 2-1: Promo transmits in run up to programme TX.


Follow this link to read MG ALBA's Frequently Asked Questions. Lean an ceangal seo gu Ceistean Cumanta MG ALBA.