Invitation to Tender Frequently Asked Questions Ceistean cumanta Cuireadh gu Tagradh

  • 1. What resource will be available for implementation of the strategic communications advisory role?
    • MG ALBA is in the process of recruiting a Communications Manager whose role will include, inter alia, implementation of a strategic communications strategy. This will include the positioning of Gaelic and Gaelic broadcasting in the media.

  • 2. What is the BBC ALBA communications strategy?
    • The objectives including attracting viewers, and improving the status and profile of Gaelic, using cross-promotion, original content promotion, screenings.

  • 3. What is the BBC ALBA social media strategy?
    • Increasingly talent-led, and emphasis on ensuring exclusive behind the scenes content is built in form commission. Distinction in needs of live and scheduled programming.

  • 4. How is BBC ALBA content promotion resourced?
    • There are four strands of resource: the external agency (to which this tender applies); internal MG ALBA resource such as the Communications Manager and the Digital Media Officer; the production company; and the BBC. These are coordinated by the Communications Manager, with BBC ALBA’s Head of Service ultimately responsible for channel promotion.

  • 5. How is coordination structured?
    • There are quarterly strategic meetings and fortnightly tactical meetings. The external agency, the executive producer and the production company work in very close contact on specific content promotion initiatives.

  • 6. What is the percentage of focus between channel promotion, FilmG and LearnGaelic and other projects?
    • Historically this would be c 80% channel promotion, 10% FilmG and 5% LearnGaelic and 5% other projects. However we will be reviewing our communications around LearnGaelic and we expect this to increase.

  • 7. Regarding the community grants and sponsorships undertaken is it important to get PR from grants given?
    • The community grants are one way undertake Corporate Social Responsibility and yes, they are important us.

  • 8. Regarding social media, what presence does MG ALBA and BBC ALBA have?
    • We have three social media profiles that we use regularly. MG ALBA and BBC ALBA have individual profiles on Twitter, and MG ALBA has a Facebook profile. On Twitter, MG ALBA’s profile is geared towards corporate matters and public affairs and BBC ALBA’s profile is geared towards BBC ALBA content and channel promotion. On Facebook, MG ALBA’s profile covers all corporate, public affairs, BBC ALBA content and channel promotion.

  • 9. Is social content important to you?
    • Yes.

  • 10. Is there an issue with using music on videos shared on your social media platforms?
    • Social media videos with music are not covered by the blanket BBC agreement. Therefore, if we have a clip from a programme that includes music we share this clip from the BBC ALBA programme pages, that are covered by the blanket agreement, to our social media platforms.

  • 11. Which platforms if any do you use to manage your social media accounts?
    • Facebook’s own scheduling capabilities and Tweetdeck for Twitter. This includes quarterly analysis of demographics.

  • 12. Do sports rights contracts include social media rights?
    • Sports rights tend to be for broadcast only with some digital rights form promotional use.

  • 13. What has to be covered within the tender budget of £25K?

    • This excludes design costs and event props etc., for which a discretionary amount is provided for at the discretion of MG ALBA.

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