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Cookies, MG ALBA and your privacy

As part of our drive to be compliant with the new EU directive on cookies, we list on this page all the cookies used by the MG ALBA site, and their purpose.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files left on your computer by many websites. They are generally used so that sites can remember you as you move around on the internet. For instance, when you add books to your basket on Amazon, a cookie is used to make sure those are the books you end up buying when you move to the check-out. Some cookies, however, are used by sites in ways which may affect your privacy. They may (for example) allow you to be tracked across the internet and use information about your browsing habits to show you certain targeted adverts.

MG ALBA makes very sparing use of cookies (and certainly does not track your visits to any other websites).

Non-essential cookies

MG ALBA uses some cookies that are not essential to the site's functioning. If you are using cookie-blocking software you may block these cookies; although some minor functionality may be affected.

We use three third-party services that may leave cookies on your site: Google Analytics, Twitter and Facebook.

Google Analytics is widely used by many sites. MG ALBA use it to find out how many people come to the site each week, what pages they visit, and (just as importantly) don't visit. It is done anonymously: we have no way of identifying who you are, what you're called, where you live (although we do get an indication of which countries our users come from) or any other "personal" data. All the Google Analytics cookies have "__utm" at the start of their names.

Since we embed content from Twitter and Facebook within our sites, you may also have cookies from these two companies set on your computer as a result of visiting MG ALBA. These cookies are governed by the policies of Twitter and Facebook, and they pass no information about your online activities to MG ALBA. They can easily be identified by the domains from which they originate.

At any time you may prevent these cookies being set by using the "privacy settings" button which can always be found at the bottom right of our pages.

More info

For any questions or concerns you may have about our use of cookies, please email the MG ALBA webmaster.